Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A disjoint post

I don't really know what to blog about today, so maybe I shouldn't write anything? Alternatively I could write something short and (obviously!) amusing, just to pass time and for the sake of it. Well I am already writing, so why stop now?

I am going to become a Charles Dodgson (Google him) soon; well I am in discussion with someone about this, and I will have to pull "the usual face" to achieve this. The chances of success are low, but it is the minor chance that exists which I will be playing on.

Today was meant to be a day of hard work. Today wasn't a hard day of work though.

One thing I learnt though is that I HATE manipulating inequalities! Honestly, I have a stinker of a time with them. The inverse function theorem was presented last week sometime, and the proof was given too. (A deliciously long proof as well... and yes PS is my inspiration in describing proofs, lemmas etc in exotic ways. :D ) However, the last part of the proof had some deltas, a gamma and an inequality. After the lecture I had spoken to DC and in the short time he had then, he had told me something about flipping the inequalities as the signs changed. I knew that but didn't know what that had to do with my notes. Yesterday night, as I worked through the proof I came stuck or couldn't make sense of two things. One was some implications, but I wasn't seeing what we had done. (We had taken two bits of information and they had led to a contradiction).

Anyway, today I finally resolved the issue I had with them particular inequalities. I think DC was exasperated at my failure to understand this; but then again I was equally getting vexed out by my mind block. He said something and I said something else, and then nothing made sense. Finally he took the pencil and wrote a few lines: "Assume...." "Consider...." and "Use the fact that.,,," . Then bham all of a sudden I saw what he had done in the notes! This was a revelation. The delight I experienced was immense, but I think my questions tired DC out today. :p I think the word consider made the biggest difference, but still I can't stop disliking inequalities. Due to my "fear" of them, I hate it when DC drops things "just like that" by making something bigger. I know it is correct, but then I have to stubbornly and annoyingly try to see if I can do things without "just dropping" things. (Which is indeed difficult in proofs when you want to find an x >X).

I really enjoyed today's Real analysis lecture: the theorems and their proofs were ..... (I am still an amateur at using PS method for labeling cool theorems and proof - although I found the "stupid theorem" funny). Anyway, it was a rather pleasant lecture and I followed all but one thing. You know that feeling you get when you are relaxing and everything seems so peaceful? Not a feeling which I would normally associate with a maths lecture, but a sweet melody was playing in the back ground of this lecture. (Does that sound better?)

The vector calculus lecture too, was cool today. I think, due to my nature, I prefer lectures in second or third gear, rather than reverse or first gear. (What's a fourth gear? ;) ) But then again that depends on how comfortable I am on the course material and a million other things. In stats I liked the first ever lecture because it was on a board, and nicely paced (now due to the OHP I will have to reserve judgement until I get my test result). I don't like PDE lectures because there are too many intervals for me to "zone out". They are fun as always, but we never seem to get very far. How can a maths lecture only fill one page of notes at times? The minimum has to be two pages, and the maximum an infinite amount!

I didn't plan this post, hence the randomness. Tomorrow I am going to be very busy. I hate saying that, and then sometimes I don't mind saying it. I think being busy is not a bad thing, but being busy doing the right things is what we should aim for. Today was my day to study Algebra... well I guess my conversation with Jake can fulfill that requirement, but I seem to be spending too much time on real analysis. I am running out of adjectives, but that module is invigorating!

Today as I queued for my tea (which I didn't have to order due to my understanding with Will (fake name)) I was startled to see my vector calculus lecturer behind me. No... I wasn't talking badly about any of his lectures. ;) I was even more startled to see that he too was drinking tea! Upon my query, I was brought back to sad reality as I learnt that he drinks coffee for breakfast and after meals, but tea at this time. Well at least he does drink tea so that is a positive. He doesn't have any sugar, but as I said: he drinks tea though! (We discussed green top and blue top milk, and I was told that sugar and blue top milk isn't that good for you. I don't know how people can drink tea or coffee without sugar. I know two spoons of sugar isn't technically good, but 1.75 spoons is just not the same!

I best shut up now and get back to my \sout{real analysis} work. I wasn't really going to do Real Analysis, because as Po says I am saturated with that at the moment. (Read I need to just check a few things with DC and see whether my perverse train of thought is right for once!)

This blog needs a thank you from me as well. Well it has helped improved my English on this occasion! Today as Fizz, Bella and myself conversed and ate, we talked about doing maths because of not liking English. I don't deny hating English for a finite amount of time (Year 1 - Year 9), and my favourite line used to be, "In maths you can always check whether or not your answer is correct, and it is more systematic". Naive words indeed, but "with English it all seems rather vague and free flowing", not something I liked. I actually hated comprehension and the grammar rules (which probably explains why I have to Google certain things now), however I loved the creative writing aspect of things. That was very free flowing, but I was in charge of where I took that flow.

Year 10, due a brilliant teacher taking charge of the ship, my attitude to English transformed completely and so did my work I think. (Also the teacher I had at the end of year 9 was very encouraging too). Fizz really hates English and as we both wrote paragraphs, Bella the genius threw some nice words at us. I find myself not hating it anymore and actually defending it! we had a good conversation indeed, thankfully not only about the English language.

Benefits of a blog updated: interact with cool* people; learn new things; improve English; get inspiration to do certain things and maybe improve my maths! Any others you might want to add? [Didn't I say I was going?]

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