Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cool lecturer quotes

I thought it was about time I posted some, and it is not that they are only "cool", but in the given situation they either had me laughing or thinking "Must blog about this!" (Well after a certain time period had elapsed anyway...) Feel free to comment on any amusing quotes you have heard.

We might as well start with todays:

"I feel it in my bones that it is false."

I am yet to be blessed with such a feeling in my bone! It got better:


I thought that for the readers who "liked" reading my long posts, that I will post one to persuade them to attend tomorrow... I believe the lectures are open to EVERYONE! (Apart from the evil people who keep on taking the posters down!)


Jake said...

I think one of my favourites was from my analysis lecturer last year. He was telling us to avoid a particular type of notation because he felt that it was dangerous because it avoided an issue that needed to be addressed and then he said

'Now you may even see it in some texts but they are probably written for Engineers or some other form of lesser mortals!'

He was quite adamant about us not notating things in a certain way but I think that it was a good teaching philosophy because it forced you to understand better what you were writing and helped you to avoid making mistakes.

Jake said...

I think it is good that you feel natural and confident talking to your lecturers. I must admit that I am the opposite, I am almost scared to speak to them because I feel I know nothing worthy to contribute or will just sound stupid. I also tend to feel a similar sense of deference toward them that I used to feel towards bosses at work. I find it strange when students approach them at the end of lectures and things and shout out 'Nick!' or 'David!' etc. I always feel I have to address them as Prof. X or Dr. Y but I suppose I am probably just old-fashioned in that regard.

Беанс said...

"Lesser mortals!" Lol, no wonder some people might not react too kindly to mathematicians. ;)

Беанс said...

Lol, then you must find me strange! I tend to approach them afterwards a lot (not always about the maths though). However I also cannot say "Nick" or "David" and always have to say Dr.Y or Prof. X!

Initially I used to always call my PT, Dr. Z or "Sir". However, after a while it became OK to say "Paul". (Some people addressed their school teachers by their first names, so maybe that is why they are able to do so in university). I used to look like the mug of my supervisions because I was the only one saying Dr. Z at first!

I probably sound stupid on all occasions when talking to lecturers, but I don't know why or how, when I do talk to them things start making some sense. I obviously have my battles with my work beforehand, and then they just help me in the final stage. (The most stupidest question I was going to ask PT was can groups be finite!! Don't ask me where that question came from...)

The weird thing is that I have always been like this when it came to talking to staff. In school and college I was the same, and some students found it really weird. I also feel that although we might think like we are sounding dumb, our lecturers understand. (Well not with the group question!)

miah said...

There's only one cool lecturer at Manchester. . . and that's Prof. Ray (blushes)

Беанс said...

Lol, I will have to contest the "only one" bit, but yeah he is cool.

Беанс said...

I meant PS about group question.

miah said...

So you've finally met Prof Ray. What do you think of him. Care to elaborate further

Беанс said...

I don't have to meet him to know he's cool. ;)