Monday, November 12, 2007

Another way of putting things.

I just saw this post in Mathematics under the Microscope.

So I guess that this is somewhat of a "bigger" occasion than I indicated. The information in that post was emailed to us, and it was "sandwiched" in this blog! I am kicking myself for being like this, but what can one do? (I nearly did stop the kicking and started the typing, but I am exercising a little patience for today).

So once again, if you are about please feel free to attend. There has been a little 'discussion' on how many people will be attending, and the suggestions have been ranging from 10 -50. Fifty being somewhat optimistic and 10 was someones attempt at a joke! What say you? The room I believe can seat up to 100, however I don't think over subscription is going to be there problem!

I recall one of last years lectures with low attendance. If they can get more than 18 people attending, they would have done good for themselves. It is TOMORROW in G205 from 1:10-2pm. I will definitely be hanging around for the refreshments...

The thing is that three other events will be taking place this Wednesday! Anyway - let us not get carried away. The journey has been long and exhausting, and will continue to be so. However as Bilbo Baggins once sang,

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow it, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

Let us hope that I can sing merrily away about my studies. Nervousness and excitement are flowing everywhere; roll on Wednesday!

Lots of things happened today, and I realised how important it is to have breakfast. Last week I had not been getting the weetabix down and today I did. Wow - I honestly felt my normal self! Surely it can't be breakfast which contributed so much to this? I will have to double check this marvelous feat tomorrow. Oh and I need to see my PT sometime too. Well not desperately, but we were sent an email about getting a form signed in week 7. It is a bit late, but last week was really hectic, and when I did see him for 5 seconds I was telling him about *cough* ;).

It was a good day today! Actually it was great, and it was topped off with a cool algebra lecture. I actually hadn't realised how fast time had gone during that lecture, and was shocked when I saw it was slightly past quarter too. (This has to be the sign of a cool lecture). I liked today because their was no stress on me and on what I was doing. I did find me an empty classroom, only to be embarrassingly caught at ten too messing around with my pens rather than working! Fizz is pretty cool I think.

Hmm, I think one day I will stop being flippin so vague! I mean more than I already do be. It is beginning to annoy me now...

I spoke to a classmate of mine as we walked out of the AT building, as the sky darkened outside. I pointed out a poster to him, and hence began our discussion. My motives were questioned and how I knew a man named G. I said something about reading a book, and then I quickly pointed out that by being interested in maths, one isn't necessarily clever or good at it. Why is that not an understood thing? Why do we all jump to certain conclusions. The best bit about maths is when you slave away at something, and then it finally clicks! Then you understand it and that is when you feel clever for five minutes at least. Indeed that is what happened with Fourier series and myself. I know working at concepts is a painful task, especially if the module is stats and PDEs, but nevertheless working hard doesn't make you clever.

That view vexes me out at times, for reasons I can't describe at times. It is these labels that really annoy me and the expectations which they unnecessarily place on people. The other day I sort of snapped at someone because they said, "Why wouldn't have revised?" Just because I love the maths I am learning doesn't mean I understand all of it and have revised it all. Sigh. Did I ever mention how in an ideal world no such thing as tests would exist? I think I am really thinking that oral exams may be infinitely better at times. (That was just my rant!)

By the way I got lucky in the algebra test - but boy am I happy!! I am over the moon truth be told. MJ has made me the happiest

Today due to delays and a mini-job I got home at 7pm. Isn't it the greatest feeling, to come home to food on the table! I was ravished, and boy was the food great. I better get to sleep now if I am to wake up that is! (I got lost in thought for a while, and am thinking of what needs to be done tomorrow).

A note: a massive thank you to everyone who contributed towards making tomorrow happen. :) I have been feeling weird today (hence the return of the "!"), but I really mean it. It feels great talking about it in the sense that it is something real, and no longer a thing on paper or in my head. Cheers.


Jake said...

I'll be there, talk sounds interesting.

Беанс said...

Cheerio. I was just about to send you an email reminding you about it, because I forgot to mention it today! So at least five people will be present (with another 45 to find).