Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who tried to kill \sout{Mr Black} .... with a car?

I was on the verge of losing my voice yesterday, but dived out the situation rather remarkably (if I may say so myself). OK, I had some help but nevertheless I am clinging to my voice, the way a child clings on to his mother. If my coughing etc. annoys you then I am sorry, but please note that it annoys me much more than it ever annoys you.

I was feeling particularly dozy this morning, but after a fantastic Analysis lecture, I will naively consider myself cured!

Yesterday many events occurred. The first of which was me acting really stupid or dumb; but seriously, real analysis makes me feel dumb more often than not. However, due to DC I am not worried about this dumbness, and hope that I will soon understand WHY we 'CHOOSE' things. It is to make life simpler, but it seems rather arbitrary at times. I just need to disassociate certain things learnt from sequence and series, because that is proving problematic.

For sequence and series, the first question we tend to ask is 'What happens as n gets bigger and bigger'. However, now we work in a 'deleted neighborhood' (pfft) i.e. we are seeing what happens
in an interval. I don't think I was having a good day yesterday too, but then
by magic after the lecture I felt great.

My real analysis lectures are simply brilliant. They have a really nice flow to them, and if yesterdays was brilliant, then I am at a loss as to how to define todays! Yesterday we proved the Sandwich rule for functions (amongst other things). I must confess that the sandwich rule is one of my favorite rules in this course; namely because whenever the beautiful theorem is mentioned, my stomach and mind have a reaction. This was noticed in last years example class,
but doesn't the word sandwich induce hunger? If you still have your eyebrows raised, then what say you about the Pancake function?! (Apologies for any stomach rumbles!)

The proof was neat, and one of my aims in life (cough) is to post it. (The weekend will tell.) There are always points in this lecture that go above my head, and I always complain to DC about inequalities used in the lectures. (Epsilon changes to inequalities, induce large changes in me!) However, I am really happy that everyday of the week, I have at least one lecture which has a
'feel great' factor to it. Even if it is a tough lecture, it is great: a classic story.

I have gone on about that lecture, but the lecturer and the lectures are fun! Lectures that I really enjoy make me happy, and we all know that a happy bean is a good bean!

Moving on: yesterday a lot of positive things happened, some particularly pleasing. Actually one thing has made me very happy, and nervous at the same time. I have to bite my tongue and do something, which I don't really want to, but have to! (Part of an agreement shall we say.) I supposedly(!) bounce {OK fine: this has been confirmed from last year too}, and the 'spring in my step' returned yesterday. It actually may have induced bounciness (not of the same sort) in others too, which is always pleasing to see. (I am not responsible for any accidents that may be a result of this).

I was told that 'maths is my hobby' yesterday as well, but this I will discuss in another post. Due to me writing this post over the course of two days, discontinuities have arisen: I can't remember a thing! Hence I will talk about today. (All you need to know about Tuesday is that DC's lectures are great, and I moved from A to A.5 regarding something. I also persuaded a few people to join me at A.5, and hopefully we can all get to B!)

Having already mentioned todays great Real Analysis lecture, I will just say that I found it particularly interesting. Namely because we showed lim_{x \to 1} \frac{\sin x}{x}= 1 in a really cool and new (to me) way (as well e^x \to 1 and other things). I also deliberately kept on saying something 'true' but not required. I think it is safe to say that although all the Tweenies may have enjoyed this lecture, other people might not have enjoyed us enjoying it so much! (If that makes sense.)

What does it imply if a lecturer tries to subtly kill you? Last year it was my PT, this year it was DC. Well I am sure that my PT didn't mean no harm; we were both running slightly late and crossed the road at the wrong time! At that time I had mentioned the prospect of being killed, but yesterday the lecturer himself said this! Most mystifying... I am thinking that the plan failed, but you wouldn't want to kill me now would you? (I don't think that is a question, if you follow me!) OK, fine I jest. It wasn't planned and deliberate; I have yet to drive DC to the point of no return, when he may have to do such a thing to reduce me. Maybe I am getting close. :D

My alternative would have been to either walk backwards, or go on a mini-action adventure, which consisted on walking on the road. (Nothing could have 'technically' happened to me if you were worried. I was on the inside of the road!) I would take the mini- adventure any day. I don't know what drives people to walk slowly or backwards. Walking is one of the forms of exercise that I get, so whats the point of negating this? (Note to any gullible readers like me: no one tried to kill anyone! It was just something that could have resulted from this 'mini-adventure'. I little bit of harmless ... fun.)

Whilst I am waffling away, I feel urged to ask something. BUT I won't. (I don't want this post to have any more discontinuities, and I can wait). What do I wish for: I wish to get better soon so that upon coming home, I don't crash and burn and actually do some work. Also, so that I can eat the darn American Hard gums! I wish that I can find the 'guts' to do something else too. (Have I missed anything?!)

Once again: mss building I need you. (In a true Nanny McPhee style!)

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