Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Understanding of a subject if and only if you like it.

That is an if and only statement, and so the proof has to work both ways. I leave that as an exercise to any readers out there. (If you have a nice proof I wouldn't mind hearing it - mine is still at the 'read the sentence in varying tones stage, hoping that one tone actually leads to something!)

Obviously there has to be variables about how much one likes the subject and understands it; so it is a weak statement. (Not very global I guess).

Anyway, I will return to my work now, and come back to this on the weekend or when I have more than a few minutes free. It is just something that came to mind a while ago.

Oh, and I would like to point out the quote on the right toady! What say you? (Yes- they change everyday).


Jake said...

I'm afraid I'll have to be controversial and disagree ;-p

In fact I don't agree with liking something being a neccessary or sufficient condition in understanding it.

Neccessary condition ( <= )
I understand some physics but don't particularly like it.

Sufficient condition ( => )
I like people but have trouble understanding how they work.



beans said...

I guess a little tweaking of the conjecture(?) will not harm anyone. :p

We can always chop things and add others, hence we shall assume this to be case for everything\{physics, people}.

Does that sound ok? :D Hehe, yeah it can be hard to understand people, but I think it depends who the person is and their personality.

Studying people is another complex(!) thing.

(Oh, and are you allowed using squares for disproofs? If it was a coloured in square then maybe it would be allowed, but... ;) )

beans said...

Or maybe I could say if you understand all* of a subject you like it? And if you like all people then you can understand how they work

... do you like all people? :D hehe

*well something like that anyway!