Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"The smell of coffee is ..."

Yes, even I am having trouble remembering the positive adjective that was used to describe coffee today! I spoke to DC and PB about tea and coffee today, and it seems that tea is the loser on this occasion; but I will loyally stand by its side defending it! How many people actually like the smell of coffee? What's there to like about it? I am tempted to actually 'taste' coffee, so that my not liking it is not based on its smell. But then again, your nose is one of your five senses. Actually I think DC might have been exaggerating the greatness of coffee, since tea can't actually be that bad!!

I have just made a shocking link. I didn't have any tea this morning, which might explain the paragraph above! Tea tea tea. It's just great. Now the post before, which was posted a moment ago was actually written yesterday. I wrote it as a 'draft email' but never got the opportunity to publish it. This post is about todays madness.

EDIT: I seem to have a back log of posts! This is about Tuesday, and posting this was inferior to my sleep it seems.

Where to begin? Ha - at the start of course! It is up to you to decide, whether or not having no tea is the reason for my ... 'aura' today. I just put it down to over doing it on the treadmill!

In todays real analysis lecture we defined continuity. I liked the definition of continuity because continuous functions are nice functions. Polynomials are continuous, so for some polynomial f(x), its limit as x tends to a is just f(a). See, I told you polynomials are nice. Rational functions are nice too, well if r(x) = p(x)/q(x), that is nice for all x but not when q(x) =0. Judging from todays lecture the proofs to show continuity may be 'nice' too. If we show that lim f(x)= f(a) (as x tends to a), then essentially we are done. NO MESSING AROUND WITH DELTA. Brilliant. I am, truth be told, not having a nice time with delta's at the moment. I know that the examples in lectures tend to be very easy compared to the example sheet questions. I know that the delta will be back, but at least in todays lecture it was hidden.

The problem with delta is, as I said before, we are now looking at an interval. I preferred looking at things as n got bigger and bigger. My problem (one of many!) at the moment, is not letting go of the smaller picture. I need to just let go. Today's lecture was brilliant as usual, and reminded me to go over some first year material (which I have no memory of!) Even though this course is tough, I seem to be enjoying it. As I said to someone, the challenge of trying to understand it is fun!

People were extremely rude in todays vector calculus lecture today. Please get the heck out of the lecture theatre, if all you want to do is talk. I was glad of the change of topic, but if this seven year old can button it, then the adults amongst us shouldn't have problems. What people don't realise is that what is being said is equally important. If the lecturer is just cleaning the board then a whisper is fine, but please have the sense to be quiet when the lecturer is talking. You can always copy the notes of your mates later...

Hmm, that seems to have made my day really short. It wasn't. Obviously 'the must not be named topic' has to have a mention too! A slight concern has come to my attention, and I am feeling nervous already. So nervous that I for a second thought to make it all stop. I still want it all to stop, but for selfish reasons. It won't stop because I won't let it, but I am becoming slightly panicky. After yesterday, I have been having a chicken little feeling. What with so many variables flying around... I think I need to take it easy. Ha - fat chance of that happening. I am somewhat indecisive at times, and now is one of them times. I am not regretting what I am hoping to do, but I feel that my bad habits from my past may start haunting me soon. There is so much that I wish to be able to do, but the damn delta's are having it their way. Come now, I said to take it easy!

I spoke to one of my best friends today. The only one who has known me since primary school! It was a nice blast from the past, and I learnt a few things. Having bumped into Prof. D again today, I have to take on board what he said. I have to catch up from where I have fallen behind from. Organisation is needed from my part and discipline. This week will be slightly hectic book, hopefully the discontinuities will soon end!

Quite strangely I even bumped into Mrs. H from college today! (My Biology teacher who has now retired). Now that was an even better blast from the past. You would think that upon seeing me, she would be running away, but she didn't! She also admitted to me that she does tend to run from other students too. (If you're still frowning, this means that I am not that scary after all!) I had sent an email to her but it had bounced, and my further maths teacher had then told me about the changes that have happened. I told Mrs. H about what I am hoping to do, and she gave me the thumbs up too. (She didn't look to surprised though).

I had written two long paragraphs about something, but I have gone onto delete them. Sometimes being me and being different from everyone can get... something or other. I think some people are more keen to look at the differences which separate us, rather than the similarities that may exist between us. I will always feel a certain disjointness from my fellow second year students (well the majority anyway). I feel that I have lost a 'race' that I entered, which is slightly upsetting. This is my tactic of preparing myself before the bad news hits me, so it is safe to ignore me. I wonder what it was like twenty or so years ago, when people were doing maths degrees, or any degrees then.

Meh, I might as well type todays happenings here. I didn't like Real Analysis today, namely because I am having a torrid time with a certain proof. The lecture was fantastic again, (a bit fast for 8 minutes but then became OK). I know the 'idea' behind what I am doing, but I want to do it my way. The wrong way! Actually I am having a torrid time with most of the proofs, and am getting definitions mixed up which is annoying. I need to spend a good couple of hours on analysis, which I am not managing to do. Somewhere I wish I wasn't that thick on the uptake, but then that is why I love maths. Not because I am thick initially, but the transaction from being thick to being less thick is great! And then I want to do 'further studies. If the likes of me can do such a thing, then there is hope for everyone. This negativity will flow out of my blood soon, but at the moment simple concepts are floating over my head. I am more annoyed because I am not putting the hours in myself. Not with any module.

That was the highlight of today: the real analysis lecture. Even though DC claimed to be feeling weak today, we still wrote a magnificent three pages of notes. I left him to wonder how many pages it would have been, had he not been 'feeling weak'. Right - I will shut up now, and have a nice cup of tea to drown the pile of miseries that have been piling up! As I learnt today: I am not the only one missing the mss building. (I really do hope that I didn't lose the 'race' though. Really badly hope that I didn't.) I need a filtering system to deal with everything at the moment. And yes, I am writing random things now! After the cup of tea, I am going to find myself a nice unbounded set in R.


egm said...

I LOVE the aroma of coffee but HATE its taste. Go figure!

Classes have started, eh (Yup, you can tell I haven't been here for a long time)?

Беанс said...

Hey egm!

Hmmm, I think one can get 'used' to the smell; but initially it is quite strong!

Yeah- classes have started, and I am having difficulty in getting readjusted. But it is great to be back minus the mss building of course (Humbug!) Lol, I haven't been going around much either - need to set myself a rhythm.