Monday, October 08, 2007

Phase two over

This morning as I walked to my lecture, I wanted it to rain. I really badly wanted it to rain. I wanted to see people scurrying everywhere - afraid of the rain. I wasn't afraid of getting wet, and didn't care that I was walking really slowly today. I wanted rain. Perfect for Monday's wouldn't you agree? Actually I felt very cold all morning, and the only thing that was missing was the rain. Talk about Monday morning depression eh?

I was sick in the morning, but thankfully due Wendy's magical formula, the friction in my throat decreased significantly. Not enough for me to munch on the American Hard gums, but the blackboard scraping sound was no longer there. This was all good news, but unfortunately this means onto phase three.

I got to the stats lecture on time (yes 9am), and it was semi OK. The technical bits and the horribly ugly example with the gamma function made no sense whatsoever, but I at least remembered the Poission distribution. Thankfully my incessant coughing didn't irritate many people, because quite a few people were coughing and sneezing too. It was quite cool when we all coughed in a sequence... (Yes, that was what I was thinking about during the lecture!)

What happened next? 'To the AT building' it was, and we attended to some business. Business over, Bella did some work whilst I tried my utmost to do the same. I couldn't. Hence, when Bella went to meet a friend, I actually tried to do some work (just basically read through my notes). In between, something else had happened which gave me reason to be excited. I will do my own little bit of persuasion tomorrow, but I am really happy at the way things could work out! [We'll see what my annoying presence can induce tomorrow.]

Highlight of my day: I have been freezing cold all day toady i.e. phase three. Being ill at this time is rather inconvenient. Already I am having difficulties in getting any work done, and now this! Bleh. The normal 'spring in my step' (so to speak), was in first gear for most of the day. I was walking too slowly for my own good, and was just dragging my feet. Once sat down, I really didn't want to get up again.

As you can probably tell, I am still in first gear. I actually struggled to keep up with the writing in Algeb. Structures today. Normally when PS writes on the board, he says what he writes, hence I don't always have to look at the board when writing the notes. Today I actually had to force myself to stop writing, so I could actually listen on a few occasions. I think I followed the lecture, but didn't keep up with it too well on paper. And because I am feeling slow, I had to keep on checking that I had copied correctly from the board. It was a good lecture though (as always) and I don't know any Sheffield fans so I can safely claim to having done the first thing! (It was really cold in that lecture too).

I think in the chemistry building, if the boards with the margins are used, then no one has any complaints. (I noticed this today). The guy in front of me was playing tetris on his phone for most of the lecture, and the people behind me and to the right, would not shut up. The funny thing is that the same group of people always sit behind. Always. And guess what? They talk a lot during lectures. (I am just trying to remember something that happened during the lecture, but can't remember what!)

Hmm, what to write next? I was waiting for the bus home at 6pm today, and when the bus finally came a person who I knew from college seemed to be on board. Strangely I can't remember the name, but this person knew my name. It was a five minute conversation, but I don't know if it just me, but when I said I do maths.... the bus went quiet! The eyes were diverted to outside the window, and well at least I got my chance to use my newly acquired knowledge of groups, and talk about (\mathbb{Z}, +). Maybe that explains why the eyes became slightly gazed and diverted to the window! I would also bet the loose change in my pocket, that this person even got of one stop sooner!

[I think I shouldn't use the addition of integers being a group as my 'wow factor' example. Any ideas on what I could use? I could try asking the 'trick' question about the smallest prime I suppose. Yes, I always tend to do this if you are wondering! But when someone exclaims (in a rather high pitched voice) 'Maths!', I can't but help explain how wonderful it is.]

EDIT: I just remembered what I forgot! Abel and Galois sort of worked on the same 'idea' (to do with quintic equations). Well if Galois is mentioned, then how can I not mention him! If only there were no exams and we went to lectures for the fun of it, and also learnt the material for the fun of it. I would love that. No stress whatsoever, and I wouldn't feel guilty if I was to read about a topic not on my syllabus.

Question for the reader (if you're interested!) Well actually I invite your ideas on what to do next: \displaystyle \lim_{x \to \infty} \ln \left(\frac{x+1}{x}\right )^x. . (Using limit rules we deduced that it is indeterminate, but what then? BTW, you only know about L'Hopitals rule, and haven't done a 'rigorous' course in analysis!)

I have real analysis to look forward to tomorrow, and having doing the example sheet for the calculus module, I am quite eager for that lecture too. (We ended the previous lecture without actually completing what we are meant to do when the interval is not [0, 2pi].)

I think somebody needs Wendy's magical formula again.


beans said...

If you exponentiate the limit, then you get lim (1 + (1/x))^x, which if I recall correctly tends to e. (but is that when x tends to 0 or infinity?) I will check that it later, but this is a first year question!

Ignore my waffles: this question has been on my mind for most of the day.

Jackie said...

I think it approaches e, as x goes to infinity.

beans said...

Hi Jackie,

I think that you might just be right! :p