Monday, October 01, 2007

Oh dear oh dear

Before I continue or should I say before I start, I want to say one thing. DAMN the SLC and the online registration system, which had me queuing up for ages. Also because of it, I have been 'budgeting' rather remarkably. I am told that my money will come through soon, but they said the same thing last time...

Lack of sleep and lack of food can make me 'on edge', but I keep reminding myself of why I came today: Algebraic Structures at 4pm. Yes- I was on the verge of unconsciousness , and thinking about that lecture brought me back. Fine not really, but honestly that is one of the things that is keeping me going. (Oops that is two things I am afraid). Now on to yesterday's semi-post.

As I sat thinking (evidently I can think!) I made a connection. Call it looking at the situation from a different angle, or from outside the box. I don't know whether or not you recall, but my start to the previous semester was similar; hence the 'oh dear oh dear'. I am a creature of habit, and sometimes small (epsilon) change disorientate me. The key is to readjust to the situation as soon as possible. I didn't have to readjust much last semester, but the main problem then had just been the... wait for it... the OHP.

On Thursday I mentioned my inability to teach myself. Well this ability is not very effective, but I learnt that you have to one day do such a thing. My primary preference is being taught and lectures, and then to supplement this knowledge, I 'teach myself'’ after lectures. Before lectures I tend to read the previous lecture notes, as opposed to reading ahead. I have read ahead sometimes, but I prefer reading afterwards since that has more a fitting sense to things.

From this different angle, I see that I must now read before the subject 99% of times for Complex Analysis and Stats. I also have to apologise, but trying to 'not' hate stats is really hard. With Complex Analysis I can bite my tongue and try this 'reading and understanding' before the lectures, because the module has an interesting look to it. How do I manage to do that for statistics?

After today’s stats lecture (9am), I have come to a partial solution for the stats issue. The problem is that whilst I am copying nothing that is said registers, which is a big problem. Today I had initially tried to quickly copy everything down and then tried to listen - mission unsuccessful. I then tried listening first, and during the large pause by the lecturer, copying everything from the OHP down. BTW- I am NOT saying that I like this. I don't. I would rather prefer the lectures write on the OHP with us, as did Prof. D last year.

The second mission was slightly successful, because I actually listened to bits of what was being said. If I continue doing this, and biting my tongue whenever I want to shout loudly at how they're torturing us like this; I could potentially be OK. A partial solution sounds promising, but I hope that I am able to button this intense dislike I have for stats.

For complex analysis the whole lecture notes\{diagrams} are put online. They seem to be nicely made, so the aim of the game is to go to the lecture having read the story before hand. Now the lectures, rather than telling the story, will be more of a review of the story. By doing this I will know of the definitions and theorems before hand, hence when copying down what is on the OHP, I won't be missing much. (I hope).

Before you ask why it is necessary for me to actually make notes when they're available, I will tell you! When I am actually writing the notes, they slightly register in my head. However, I also tend to jot down what the lecturers say in pencil next to the relevant parts. (Well what I deem important). At times my pencil scribbles help me a lot, but I am basically a notes person. I don't care if they're on the internet - they're not mine are they? I have to make my own. It would be a bit weird if I just went to the lecture and sat!

So this looking outside the box thing seems to have given me a lot to do. It probably doesn't seem like a big thing to you, but I have to be really disciplined in the sense that I can't afford to be relaxed about 'a lecture'. Meh- it's no surprises that I love my real analysis and algebraic structure lectures. Indeed they tell an intriguing tale. [I haven't mentioned the calculus course yet, because I'm waiting for this weeks lectures!]

The weekend was rather unproductive – I caught up on lost sleep. Actually I cleaned my room and put my computer away. My desk is now strictly for maths! Technically speaking I am doing six, 10 credit modules so juggling is required (and an extra two dividers). I was meant to do some Algebraic Structures now and brought the Fraleigh book with me. Actually I WILL do some, straight after this post.

I don’t really want to be whinging and whinging some more, but my excuse/reason is that I am readjusting!

PS:I played a lot of mah-jong on the weekend – a remarkable game and very addictive. Out of a billion games that I played, I won one! Go me.

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