Monday, October 15, 2007

Natural mumbers

I had gone to Macclesfield on the weekend. Yes - that dreaded place which results in me feeling funny upon returning home. I honestly believe that I have a bad chemical reaction when I go to a certain house. I detest hot/chilli/spicy food with a passion. Namely because I don't have the tongue for it. I think there is this one ingredient which I can't eat. Actually I know so, but since
food is mostly a mixture of ingredients I can't say which. Either I ate this silly thing, or someting was put in the food on the weekend!

I had made plans on going to bed early last night too, but found myself tossing and turning till past 1.30am. When I eventually asleep, I don't know. But I do know that one particular 'enactment' in my head was keeping me awake. I had forgot to reprogramme my 'internal' alarm clock, so woke up at 6am, only to hit the pillow again after much grumbling. Why this inane preamble: well I am already providing an excuse for my expected Monday behaviour!

Indeed with less sleep, my energy levels increase dramatically. Today, as I tried my best to be late for the 9am stats lecture I went into overdrive. I actually did try to be late, and had even gone to Blackwelss first! But alas, the powers that be know how much I love stats, and so wouldn't have it any other way but me turning up on time. Humbug. I think it is an achievement
indeed, that I caught the words correlation at the end. Without proof, I think we can deduce that I am having an awful time with stats already. Why is this one module being such an annoying pain?

Anyway, let us not talk about annoying things! Some time after the stats lecture, I had a certain task to do. Not one that I was keen on, but nevertheless I did it. The task was not physcially demanding, but I think I messed up. I am not 'great' at reading people, but sometimes you can tell when a smile is not genuine. But as I said, maybe I am looking too much into this and actually want a situation that didn't happen to have happened? I got slightly panicky and then botched up, but I think I did what I meant to (albeit in an idiotic way). Tomorrow will tell, but sometimes I hate not knowing how people actually feel about certain things. I mean, if I was to present you with an idea, and you had some reservations, I would prefer knowing them. GAH. As Fizz commented, I may be over-thinking slightly, but I don't want to step on someones toes or 'gatecrash someones party'.

Have I mentioned that Prof. D was great? Well I am saying it again. He was an awesome lecturer, and is a brilliant guy too. No one seems to be keen on the yellow in the new building (apart from DC and me!) but I guess I couldn't argue with Prof. D straight away! He's cool, and I miss his lectures. He even showed us some secret rooms in the new building... oooohhhh! (A bit like Harry Potter I suppose). I managed to speak to quite a few lecturers in the space of
forty-five minutes today *cue evil laugh*! I possibly annoyed 1.5, which is not bad for a Monday. Not bad.

I am hoping that having read up till this point, you might have gone away and hence will miss my embarrasing moment. Come four o clock, it was Algeb. structures. Given my euphoria in the morning, and the bouncing which resulted from this, I naturally went to the lecture with the same attitude. However, for the first time in my life I confess to having a bad algebra lecture! I honestly was shaking throughout and concentrating was difficult. When I did concentrate I was fine, but when I didn't life was tough. Normally if only one or two people are talking, you let it pass and it is easy to ignore. But today I couldn't ignore the talkers. I could hear the conversations and the mute button wasn't working. I wanted to walk out and then walk back in again: ready for action.

Now if that was bad, you might as well cover your eyes for what is coming up next. We were doing the order of the cyclic groups. I remembered from last year that the order of a is a natural mumber m where a^m= e (=the identity). Yep - so had began my mumber war! (I was writing mumber instead of number...)

The problem first began when I started trying to recall previous information. The proof rather vaguely slithered in and out of my mind. I had the wrong one in mind (since it had something to do with the division theorem), but that didn't stop me. After the proof I remembered another little example from last year. My confusion had started from when I had started thinking about the order of a perm, being the lcm of the order of its disjoint cycles. But to know that, you have to know that the order of a cycle is just its length. Give me a wall somebody! As I was getting excited by remembering the lcm thing, the lecture was moving onto Z_6. The order of 2 in Z_6 was asked. I thought, '2 doesn't have a multiplicative inverse in Z_6, so then it can't have an order'. "Infinite order", some fool replied (3 points for which fool!) PS shook his head, and said that Z_6 is finite so ... no, 2 can't have infinite order.

PS knew I had said that answer, so there was nothing left for me but to make a run for it! What would have been more embarrassing: running out embarrassed at the stupid answer, or just running out? I did bury my face into my notes, but I think, or rather I hope that PS knew that I was having a shaky lecture! As redemption I did clear the board at the end, which was fantastic indeed. I mean chalk dust flying everywhere, what could possibly be better? Well that was the second reason for doing that, the first was to say thanks. But you know something, I still really want my own blackboard. I have an A4 sized one (don't laugh), but the idea is to think big.

Boy do I miss the mss building (I will continue saying this for a while). I even said this to Prof. D today too! He gave me some nice advice, and I will see how things go. I am beginning to get worried now: all the Tweenies are way ahead of me in terms of work and understanding. I really need to find a way in which I can work at home. I think this Monday went rather well, wouldn't you agree?


Anonymous said...

What's happened to the MSS building now? Is it just standing desolate/idle now? Is there any activity going in there now or not? I assume it is locked now, cos all the staff have moved to the AT Building?

Беанс said...

Hi anonymous,

Do you mean the mss building?! ;) You can actually go inside the building if you want (which I have indeed done!) I believe some lectures are still being held on c floor, but I have yet to gather the courage to see the maths floors.

The mss building didn't only house the mathematics department, so I am assuming that other departments are still either operating or shifting out. Damn the AT building!