Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Do it for the right reasons

"During Higher Education, it’s up to you to see where your passions truly lie:

  • Do you want academic success? (Are you at university for your passion/subject?)
  • Are you at university for the social life?
  • Do you feel pushed into this uni life and would rather not be here at all?
  • Are you here because it’s what everyone else around you happened to be doing? "

I came across that from another site. So why did you go to university, or why are you at university?

Mine has to be because of Maths and because I like learning. However, mainly because of maths.


Anonymous said...

link please.

beans said...

Sorry I don't remember where I copied that from. It was during one of them 'follow random links' session and the end product was that!