Sunday, October 07, 2007

Damn me...

... and my cough. Mrs H. from primary school (and weirdly another Mrs. H from secondary school), always used to say that I have a smokers cough. That is whenever I was spluttering my guts out, with a croaky voice to go with it too. I should have got my tonsils taken out as a kid but I never. I liked my voice being 'different', although it probably wasn't that different! It felt unique though.

I was scared that once out, I would no longer sound like myself. Mrs. S told me to tell the folks in year 3, but I 'forgot'. Due to my tonsils being 'messed up', my throat is messed up. I don't mind a blocked nose, a headache, or a broken back (actually ask me again about the back!) However, I hate the throat. I hate it. I have been weakly walking about the house today, and helping with some gardening. Well, I really didn't have a choice with that. I am the one who tends to shift heavy stuff from A to B, or just the one who does the donkey work as it had been called.

Imagine a blackboard. Now imagine my year 9 maths teacher, whose nails were unnaturally long (but they were her own). Next imagine her scraping the black board with her nails and the resulting horrible sound. (She did used to do that by the way!) That sound is what it feels like whenever I cough. Nasty. The worst bit is going to be tomorrow when I don't stop with the coughing in my lectures. Hence my public apology to anyone who I might annoy. I mean annoy you to the point where you want to strangle me, to shut me up. I don't like it as much as you do. I just hope it doesn't get that bad, where I actually struggle to breathe. (Happened in college in Mr. B's class. I got embarrassed because I wouldn't stop coughing, and then tried to hold my breath. Bad idea. That ended up making it much worse, and I had to leave the class for a while!)

The biologist in me wants to research more about this phenomenal issue. However the mathematician in me is whinging, because I have done close to zilch today. Well I read my algeb. structures notes and tried doing some questions from the problem sheet, but that was a problem too. I am not fully 'ill' yet if that makes sense. The 'smokers cough' though, gives me an indication of what is to come. Keeping oneself busy whilst being under the weather sometimes works too. Tomorrow should be good then I hope, and I will try my best to keep my head down! (Ha.) I am more annoyed because it has been ages since I ate some American Hard gums, and I bought some today. Damn: I better save them for a rainy day.

Am I too ill for a 9am stats lecture? I already know the answer to that, but I always kid myself with thoughts of missing lectures! The amusing thing for others is that situations like these, can lead to me losing my voice! I can envisage the delight on certain lecturers and peoples faces if that happens, but a word of warning: losing my voice has never stopped me from talking. The croaking is just plain more annoying, and so disappear the happy faces!

My plan: honey, water, sleep and then wake up early to do the work I was meant to do today. Which of them I am actually going to do, I will leave you to guess. Hint: waking up early sounded problematic as I typed it!

'So beans how was your weekend?'
'I watched some football, gardening, lots of coughing, and yeah... maybe something called maths.'

Now does it make sense about why I have to work at university? It is not only because of the distractions at home, but because of another non-trivial *cough!* reason (which is really annoying). By the way, I have spied the Dame Kathleen lecture being scheduled for the 24th October (but don't quote me on that). This time I will definitely be going with S={Milo, Jake, Fizz, Bella, Beans}. I might need to work a little on convincing Bella, but the whole idea is to make sure that the \sout{group} set is as large as possible. I think it is safe to say that I have learnt my lesson from last year, but that being said, I am no longer 'afraid' in the way I was, and can on this occasion confidently say that I would be happy with the set S={Beans} going. At least now I know not to hide from my lecturers, as I did last year! Anyone else want to come?

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