Monday, September 03, 2007

Second year timetable!

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages I give you...the one, the only, the damnest (provisional) timetable ever seen by mankind:

Well you might be happy to hear, that 'Oscillating Fridays' are going to be showing again! I know I don't sound too happy, but hey, it's only 5 hours every Friday and three lectures in a row! What joy. Let us get all the gloom and doom about the timetable out of they way, before we progress. Two 9am starts isn't a good thing, and one of them is on a Monday - the worst day of the week. Humbug. How awful does it sound when saying, 'I have 9am lecture on a Monday; a 9am stats lecture!' Ouch - that was a low blow to the stomach. Come now, let's be positive beans! We don't want to mess up stats like the first semester right? Yeah, you're right. It doesn't matter that I will properly wake up at 10am on Mondays!

By the way, that was me talking to myself and trying to be positive. I failed miserably! I am already dreading statistics in the worst way possible. I didn't absorb any stats from the first semester and learnt it parrot fashion. Conditional probability is my nemesis, as it the rest of it. Why must we suffer... why?

Hmmm, I think that is as far as the negativity goes! Today I was ahem... overjoyed when I found that timetable sitting in my inbox. I did a little 'two weeks left' dance, much to the displeasure of others. I'll do it again now, 'only two weeks left doo daa doo day!' It was much less embarrassing this time round as well. The timetable is going to fill up with the example classes and my PASS commitment (and maybe one other hopeful commitment!) I honestly can't wait and have been excited all morning.

We know I'm dreading stats, but what am I looking forward to? Definitely Real Analysis and Algebraic Structures; need I explain why? They're going to be a challenge, but one which I hope to enjoy. I don't know which module I'll find the hardest, but my bet is on Real and Complex Analysis (discounting stats). I haven't given a second thought to PDE's and Vector Calculus, but it's one of them modules that you have to get on with. Actually wait a minute! It says Partial differential equations and I'd been thinking it was partial differentiation (which I can do). Ah well, I will soon find out what it is about. I think that's all of them covered.

A second ago a small panic took over me. This is the normal feeling that I seem to get, before the start of any year and which comes with questions: 'What if I don't understand anything that is taught?' etc. These past insecurities tend to push me at times, but on this occasion my panic brought a startling fact to my attention. I haven't exactly done any maths in the holidays, so how am I supposed to get into the swing of things and be a good PASS person if I have no idea what I'm talking about?

Them thoughts surprisingly calmed me down, which isn't what normally tends to happen. The other day when I was in conversation with an old friend, we discussed what we hadn't done in the holidays. My friend said, ''if you don't plan, then things don't go wrong!" but still I wasn't convinced that I had utilised my holidays properly. However, then my friend said something along the lines that maybe I needed to do nothing; that I had to laze around and recharge my batteries. I think I did work during the year - more than I normally would, since apart from having to I had wanted to. This is some sort of consolation, but I will grab it with both hands!

During the year what tends to happen is that I won't play on the PS3 anymore, and other 'luxuries' like that will become limited. I'll try to watch as much football as possible, but I don't mind not doing them things. I know a healthy balance is important, but during the year when I study maths, I'm not actually studying if that makes any sense. Maths is one of the luxuries that I focus my attention on during the year! Deadlines and exams do stress me out, but I guess that's what people don't understand about me. I enjoy learning maths and before the year has started I'm already scared! (This year is going to count towards my overall degree, so no mucking around in stats you see.) I think enjoying studying and learning maths, makes the whole 'learning and education' experience less stressful and more fun. Damn, I just said the fun word again!

I am also betting that the timetable is going to change, because we don't seem to have any example classes for Algebraic Structures. (Maybe it's meant to be that way since we're going to have three lectures for it). "Only two weeks left, doo daa doo day... !" :D

PS: For the first time in AGES I managed to get through 'microphone head' as he now calls himself, about maths. On Resistance Fall of Man my clan is called 'The Galois Group' *cough*, and microphone head became bemused as I tried inviting someone (mathematical) to my clan. I got excited and spoke too fast, so was told to start again but slowly. I did that and wow, I was even asked which mathematician I found to be the greatest! My favorite has to be Galois but I have a buddy on my buddy list called 'Euler', so he had to have a mention. I even talked about Fermat's last theorem and about Fermat as a cool dude. :D Wow- I did get slightly too excited and stopped playing for a while as well. I think microphone head is having the problem of not being 'pushed' in maths. He's cleverer in maths than I was at that age, but doesn't like it anymore because of his teacher. However, every second that my heart beats, hope still remains. *cue dramatic music* hehe. Damn, I've just spoiled that scene. I actually enjoyed talking to microphone head about maths properly, rather than being called nerd, geek , freak etc etc every other second when I spoke of maths (and when I didn't on occasions). [MH can call me them names since it's a two way thing!]


Jake said...

I'm glad you posted a timetable actually. I am transferring into the second year at Manchester Uni (long story) but I am still going through the process of filling in forms etc. so I haven't heard anything re registration or timetables yet.

I may now have to email you for help with Vector Calc and Mechanics because thats the one area I haven't studied too much in the past.

beans said...

Hi Jake,

Wow, it must be some long story indeed! You'll know who I am, if you see someone walking around with a paper bag over their head. ;) Are you going to be staying in the halls?

If you want, I could send you the email with the 'formal' timetable attached. (with all the example classes etc). Have you transferred onto straight maths? (Have they told you which second year modules you will be studying? I'm guessing that you'll be doing Real and Complex Analysis as opposed to just Real Analysis.)

Email away, and I hope that I can be of some help. :) [Although I probably will be of little help since I don't particularly like them topics! :o ]

For Vector Calc (div, grad...) I would definitely recommend that you check book number (2) of my list, from the library. (They have quite a few copies of it and I had initially borrowed it from there as well).

Welcome aboard Jake; I'm always an email away if you need anything. :)