Monday, September 24, 2007

Resolution One: Sleep properly

I'm currently at University, having painlessly survived a 9am statistics lecture. The next few weeks are going to difficult, but I am going to be aiming to get 7 hours sleep a day. This means going to sleep at a reasonable time, and waking up when I should! It also means that I must resist the temptation to press the Snooze button. (Unlike today, which resulted in me running around like a head less chicken).

I will soon explain the way in which my resolutions work, but the basic idea is to do with 'Not' truth tables (I think). I believe that resolutions are meant to be broken, so by saying that I'm going to sleep properly, I won't. Hence, I will be proposing to 'not have seven hours sleep', rather than 'to have seven hours sleep'.

Actually- forget all this. I have obviously had less than seven hours sleep today, and I honestly have lost another screw. The above paragraph isn't registering and I will deal with this tonight, or another time. Probably not tonight because I will most likely be in the same frame of mind as now. I just don't want to make the same mistakes that I did during the beginning of my
first year. I made them mistakes so that I would learn from them. Maybe I'm being too .... something about all this, but I want the year to get of to a good start. I know what I am capable of (as in laziness and what not), so self-control is required. (I can potentially vex a few people out with this attitude).

I am an 'organised mess' to put it bluntly. Oh, that reminds me- I really need to clean my room. It is normally a 'must' task before the year starts, but one which I haven't got round to yet. My computer has been off for the past two days, and that explains the blogging absence too. It's weird not being able to access my bookmarks from other computers, but hey, I haven't turned it on for a reason!

Yesterday I accomplished something quite great. Well it won't seem that way to others, but I honestly feel lighter and now hope that I can relax slightly. (Don't worry this has nothing to do with United's win last night! :D Although I do have a football post in the queue). My 'accomplishment' is the reason why I went to sleep at 1am, and then had very bad broken sleep.

Oh, and I have finally got my hands on the Fraleigh book, which is a good thing indeed. because the copy I had from the library was recalled today! I got it for a whooping... wait for it... £35.00. (In Blackwells they are ripping us off (cough), and selling it for £57.00). The internet is your friend, if you are interested (Amazon etc). However, I liked the 5th edition better - it was
more 'compact' and generally had a better feel to it. :o I have another surprise for any readers, about my maths book shelf, but I have to organise myself before I surprise you. (Trust me, to get to that update I have suffered a lot of bruises and a very sore back indeed.)

The stats lecture BTW, was ... (I think that means it wasn't bad and it wasn't awesome, but made sense and was mind boggling at the same time). This post does seem rushed, but such is my current state of mind. Got some business to attend to at 4pm, you see. ;)


Anonymous said...

It is a very good idea - to sleep properly. It is something that can change your life

beans said...

I have to definitely agree with you there. Last year I got into a partiuclar good habit of sleeping properly, and I used to be more alert throughout lectures and throughout the day. I also used to wake up automatically and didn't need a clock on most occasions.

I also read a bbc news article the other day, that 7 hours sleep is the best you can get. Any less is dangerous and any more is dangerous. (In the long run I suppose).