Friday, September 21, 2007

Random Paragraph Generator

From Ars Mathematica I found the link to a random paragraph generator. After a (deserved) nap and some food, I think I can be excused for having this bit of fun...

"The injury calculates before a waste! Maths differentiates Beans opposite the cleared artist. How will Beans zoom? Why can't the alarm broadcast the misfortune? Maths burns in Beans. The family remembers the crystal."

"Maths boggles with a problem. Maths overwhelms a flagging ethic. The rushed official maximizes Beans. Why does Beans pretend after Maths? Beans steams after the intellect. The damp fear speaks Maths past the intended episode."

".... Beans likes Maths....." (A weird one!)

OK, I will stop there. :D Today has been a heavy, rainy day. The rain I didn't mind - it was nice and warm. The heaviness was painful, but it is over now. I shouldn't have taken the stairs that many times. I even forgot to count them in my haste. Maybe I should try to walk slightly slower, and stop when thinking. But then... I would never get anywhere!

Do I say that I won't be a good PASS leader before it actually starts, or do I say, I will try to my best to be a good PASS leader? Something tells me it should be the second option, but it is so easy to sink into negativity. However, I am actually looking forward to this, albeit nervously. Some of the first years I spoke to seem nice, so I just have to make sure that I don't scare them too much. (A difficult task indeed, as I am sure you would agree).

BTW, the Tweenies are great. I think it is nice when some understanding is apparent amongst friends. For instance, I didn't have to say that I'm tired today and my deflated balloon actions gave it away. I am even more happy, since I am no longer hiding how much I like Maths to the Tweenies. Last year I did tone it down a bit, which probably caused an 'ickle' bit of friction; but now they know and they 'bare' with me. :D I don't mind that - I can ignore body language when I have to you see... (It's all in good nature I am told).

Woohoo for the weekend, and boo hoo for the 9am Monday stats lecture. And I would say boohoo for the 4-5pm lecture on Monday (after a huge gap), but I think it's Algebraic Structures, which definitely changes the boohoo to another woohoo. So thankfully, the woohoo's > boohoos.

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