Thursday, September 06, 2007

Periodic Table of Mathematicians

The Chemist in me (2/7 parts according to my A Levels), was overjoyed to find a 'Periodic Table of Mathematicians'. (Thanks to Vlorbik).

It also reminded me of the time when I was actually considering a 'Maths and Chemistry' degree! Boy am I glad that I stuck with the maths. I love Chemistry experiments and the organic side of things, but thanks to A2 chemistry, I realised that I wouldn't be able to do chemistry at degree level. I didn't have the same motivation for it, as I did for maths. Nevertheless, the pear drop smelling chemicals have reminded me of how great Chemistry is. (My chemistry teacher was super duper.)

That periodic table is fantastic. You all must have a favourite element, so which mathematician corresponds to it? Does that tell you something about you?* ;) I had initially gone for Hydrogen (H), then Sodium (Na) and Argon (Ar). (Hydrogen probably because of the squeaky pop experiment; sodium because that was always used with water, hydrogen etc. and it grew on me; and I have always liked the sound of 'Argon'- my favourite noble gas.) I think I'm going to make my own little version of it because Fe should have been Fermat. I will also probably, most likely, definitely be putting some of the maths teachers that I have had on it as well!! (Sm seems to be just right for Steve too. :D)

(I am too tired to go through all the names, but if you find Galois, please do let me know.)
*Not in my case, no.


Steph said...

That is very good. I did Chemistry at A-level too.. and seeing this is giving me flash-backs.

Anonymous said...


beans said...

Hi Steph,

Nice flashbacks I hope. :p I used to love wearing the lab coat, and goggles! Oh sweet chemistry... (I'm missing it for some strange reason!)

beans said...

Hi anonymous,

For a second I thought you had written your favourite element! Thanks a lot for pointing Galois out to me; although I would have thought Sophie Germain and Ge(rmanium) went together.

I think the element Ga(llium) would have suited Galois better, but I guess Gauss had to be accommodated! Once again, thank you.

For anyone interested, Fermat is the element Fm at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

You seem to comment alot on maths on your blog. What other hobbies and interests do you have bar maths?

beans said...

Hi anonymous II (I presume),

Damn that's a tough question indeed! I first read your comment as something else, and my reply had been that I also enjoy talking... and talking some more. (Well I enjoy meeting and getting to know different people).

I do blog about other things; as I hope other (regular!) readers might confirm, but I try to focus on maths. (Well naive maths anyway).

As for my other hobbies and interests - I can't give you a straight answer I'm afraid; since although I have a brilliant answer, 'this space is too small for me mention other interests that I have bar maths.'*COUGH*

Hehe, there I go again - 99% waffles and 1% sense. My excuse is that is has been a very very long day today.

(I am currently interested in html code if you're still interested. :p Well I "created" a website the other day (and removed it straight after), so wouldn't mind knowing more about how they work. I might throw the towel in and use front page or something similar though. :o I have the design etc, but just need to implement it!)

Anonymous said...

You say you enjoy meeting and getting to know different people. Do you tell your friends that you have a weblog. If not; are you not paranoid that your friends in your maths class might have read this blog and worked out that it's you.

Or are you not at all bothered about that?

beans said...

No - my friends and family do not know that I have a blog. (Actually I have told a few of my old friends of it, but not mentioned the name.)

I have on occasions been worried about that, but mostly about being seen as a maths freak as opposed to a normal freak. :p I already have embraced my weirdness, but my love for maths sometimes seems to scare(?) people. Some automatically assume that I must be clever at it (which I'm not), and others find the concept of having an interest which does not include watching TV all the time as stupid.

However, as I have been told, it is inevitable that this blog might be discovered by my class mates (i.e locally). So at this moment in time, no I am not bothered. If any of my class mates are reading this, then apart from once again asking them not to mention my name, Hi! I don't bite, and if you are reading this blog and know who I am, let me know so I can delete this blog*. :(

Lol, I mean what's the worst that they can do? I think that my class mates are too busy to read my ramblings, so all is well. I actually wouldn't mind my class mates commenting - in that way I can get to know more of them, and probably will be less scared of speaking up in lectures. ;) (And I'll know who reads my blog.)

beans said...

Are you 'one of my class mates'? (Out of curiosity!)

Anonymous said...

No. I'm not one of your classmates. So you need not worry. I have no idea who "beans" is; it's probably best kept that way. LOL!!