Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maths new year resolutions.

I will not write any of the hocus pocus about 'Not' tables tonight (this morning!) but just jot a few that spring to mind before I go to sleep (finally).

1) Take buses at all times - whoops I lied. I mean try not take the bus; even if it's raining. Valid excuses are when I am running late for lectures, and that is all I think.

2) Sleep properly

3) Read at least 5 general audience maths book I have. Or should it be finish reading what I start!

4) Attend as many example classes as possible. This is a clever one, because it is directly linked to the amount of time I spend on example sheets, and in understanding course material. The more time spent doing the mentioned, results in me having more problems and questions that might need answering. This should hopefully cause me to go to the example classes.

5) HATE STATS! HATE STATS! Yeah, I have switched back into the NOT thing it seems. I think that this is one of the most important ones, so I dare not edit it tomorrow. Basically I have to do the opposite of that i.e. try to at least 'like' stats. Even though it is evil and doesn't like me, I must be the more responsible person in this relationship. :( Oh sweet youth, I miss you and being irresponsible ... This is going to be really difficult, but hey, we got off to a positive start today I hope. :/

6) The obvious one 'which must not be mentioned' (It has a taboo on it like Voldemort's name.) However, I am quite happy about this after todays proceedings, and just hope that I can successfully finish my list.

Post to be updated tomorrow some time. I really need some sleep now. (Wow its been a while since I have posted two a day.)

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