Thursday, September 20, 2007

Maths building: round two.

I thought it was best to reply to a comment from someone here. (Well I was going to post this anyway, so might as well try to do two things at once).

My first impression of the new building was fifty fifty, as you might all have read. However, I always like stating my first impressions and opinions, because I am glad of the fact that they are never concrete. Why does this make me happy? Well there are some types of people, who having only spoken to you for a few minutes, might form a negative opinion about you. Some then stubbornly refuse to change this impression, and sometimes this causes them to never speak to you again. Other times, they don't really 'talk' to you when talking. Or maybe these people have just come to the conclusion that they don't like you?

Why am I talking about people? Well I had a bad experience with a person recently, and it got me thinking about 'people'. About why some people find it necessary to humiliate others, and why they find it funny to insult people in a supposedly 'subtle way'. Ah well, I will bite my tongue since I have decided to remain good natured about this, and not let it bother me too much. I was really tired and may be over-reacting slightly, but at that moment in time I wasn't made to feel good.

Body language is a really handy form of communication, as is your tone of voice. If you are going to joke about, say how short a person is (and you don't want to offend them); then my advice would be to make sure your body language and tone, communicate your intentions to the person concerned. :) I know that I can't really have gotten it out of my system, but heck I am trying my hardest! [Anyway, I don't think you should be making a joke out of someones height in the first place.] I do 'joke' around a lot (maybe too much), and the first rule of thumb is: if you can't laugh at yourself, then you shouldn't be laughing at others. Admitting to have been made to feel the way I had, would have been a weakness on my part. I was unable to respond in my normal manner because all cogs hadn't been firing, and I wasn't fully awake. So guess what - I went quiet! Is that too hard to believe? Sigh, come on beans button it.

OK, on to the new building (again). The anonymous commenter made a point that I have noticed myself, and agree with. The good or brilliant thing about the new building is that everyone is in one place. I actually really like this, since memories of having to run from the mss building to the lamb building in 10 minutes (to hand in work), still prey on my mind. The one reason why I didn't attend PASS sessions was because on Mondays our lectures were in the Renold building, and then PASS was in the Newman building. This may be a small and petty excuse from my part, but after a 9am lecture PASS didn't seem as appealing as food did. However, now with everything 'centrally located', my excuse would no longer be valid.

I spoke to someone about this, and it seems that I don't like the sensation of 'people' watching' me, without me being aware (I know no one actually might be, but there seem to be eyes everywhere). Like I said, I like mooching around and talking to myself (amongst other erm.. 'normal' things) which might frighten people. If I see you in the building, 'and make eye contact', I normally will smile. It's my natural response (which I blame my flight hormone for), so if I smile at you please smile back! Otherwise, you are going to cause me to injure my neck, when I quickly look back to see who you were glaring at. :p I will try not to embarrass you though. [I have been counting the weird looks I have been getting from smiling you see, but it's not my fault that I sometimes know people without them knowing me. I'm psychic-muhahaha! ]

A second person who I discussed the new building with, said that when the undergraduates start arriving in numbers next week, it will be different. So I will be reporting what the building is like with actual students around next week sometime! And in reply to the commenter - I don't know what difference the cafe will make, but I will forward to it. It might actually feel less bare and less like a hospital then I guess.

Once again there is this inevitable divide between 'higher floors' and 'ground floor', but one can get used to that I suppose. I do like the hustle and bustle though, and I have a confession to make. Although I do like bumping into and talking to people in the new building, now they can't avoid me. :/ Well I think some people might become sick of seeing my face around, but if you see me walking in a direction towards you; walking in the opposite direction might help, or jumping into any office. (But hey- I'm not that scary I hope!) It was quite nice waiting for someone in the corridor and scaring first years whilst doing so. I'm happy to report that they are made out of strong material, and a 'boo' didn't frighten them! And worry not, I didn't say anything negative about the building to them. ;) (Most of them liked it). Gosh, I remember my first day, first year and first everything! I just hope that I can have same memories for my second year. [The first years seem like a friendly bunch.]

One thing I wouldn't mind having on the ground floor is a black board. I have yet to fully explore this building, and am making a map of it at the moment(!) for future adventures. However, if anyone knows of a blackboard for the 'undergraduates' hanging about, then I would be grateful to be pointed in the right direction. There used to be black boards in the Lamb and Newman building corridors, so it makes sense to have one in the new building I hope. (Are seven year olds known for writing on walls? :D)

I can't comment on the wi-fi since I don't really have a use for it, but round two seems to be more positive. When an airport terminal is busy, it is much easier not to be spotted. (Yes, I still have this fear that someone might shout- 'there's beans' and I will have no hiding place in this building! I could do a Jason Bourne I suppose... :D) This month is going to be a tough one indeed - being constantly tired, amongst other things is my excuse this time round! Bring on round three? (Still need to get them stairs counted you see. ;) )

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Great news: the black boards have been discovered!