Monday, September 24, 2007

First day of \sout{school} term

I really should stop with this '\sout{}' business, but it's the only time I ever get to use LaTeX (apart from when I post). Some may read '\sout{school}, others may see ... erm 'formula does not parse', or if you are lucky, you might see. BTW, I produced that through TeXnic centre, and then copy-pasted it to paint. If you want to use the \sout{} command, then stick, 'usepackage{ulem}' in your preamble.

That was my preamble in case you are wondering. Since I have started reading really slowly, I find the need to insert commas in inappropriate places at times. Apologies if this is irksome, for sometimes I do find myself looking to the skies and crying why! [Oh and before I forget: A BIG thank you to a once upon a time anon commenter, who told me to take it easy with the exclamation marks. I'm not sure if you are still reading this blog, but if so, I really mean it. Some of my previous posts are unreadable and make me feel ill too! I am hoping that my English writing slightly improving is another benefit of this blog.]

I have wrote about everything BUT my first day. Was it that forgettable you ask. Actually it wasn't; I am just fighting with my body, to hold on for another fifteen minutes. I have resisted the temptation to allow my painful limbs to communicate their annoyance to me. I sort of over did it with the 'walking really fast' today. Anyway, why am I causing my back more annoyance by adding to my preamble?

The stats lecture I mentioned during the day. It was nice and slow, just the way I prefer stats to be. Some bits honestly did make sense, whereas I must be careful not to zone out. Well a 5 second 'nap' is perfectly fine, but I should be awake when something is being said. Maybe it was slow because it was at 9am, and the lecturer felt sorry for us? You will be hearing more about stats in my upcoming maths new year resolution post.

Today most of the Tweenies were suffering from a lack of sleep it seems. Both Milo and Fizz went to sleep at early times, and both woke up at equally early times! They then obviously found it harder to fall asleep again. Oscillating Mondays eh, who would have imagined it? Todays oscillations were quite weird though. When I was walking and doing something, I was OK. However, the minute I sat down 'casually', my eyes started drooping and my senses dulled. I didn't fall asleep fortunately, but Mondays are potentially going to be very painful.

I saw quite a few faces from last year, and a few million more. I wasn't to know that joint honours students had joined with us, but nevertheless it was sort of daunting. I'm ashamed to admit that some names have escaped me, and I am still wondering whether the person I said hi to was a Tim, Tom, or something beginning with T. (well it's really another letter and name...) My money is on Tom, but I didn't want to embarrass myself by saying, 'Hi Tom', only to be told it was Tim. But hey - I bet you (every single penny I have, which is negative at the moment) that only one or two remember my name. So all is well I suppose. (Actually only one probably remembers my names.

You see I'm dragging this lazy (and possibly boring post) out, because I want to demonstrate what effect the Algebraic Structures lecture had on me! Although I have done 'perms' last year, and did have a quick glance over them in the holidays, it was a great lecture. That will probably be the only lecture that I ever follow, but it was an enjoyable lecture (as always). The lecture theatre was FULL. Never in my days have I seen it like that. I risk repeating myself, but it didn't feel like 4am and the end of a long day. It's just something about wanting to be there and bouncing towards the lecture, which makes such a big difference.

Now I have a question. If a maths lecturer was to wake you up at 2am, and ask you to write the composite of two permutations, would you be able to? And if again at 3am, you were once again woken up to write a composition of cycles in standard notation, would you be able to? Yes I have avoided the question about you being irked by this, but shame on you if you would be! :D If you are not asleep and are blogging, then it shouldn't be a problem. However, if in your half sleep like state you are able to murmur the correct answer, then you deserve a pat on the back. (OK, fine, maybe not everyone would be happy at this 'intrusion', but you need to sort your priorities out if you value sleep more than being able to compose permutations. ;) )

The lecture was good for many other reasons too - one which I shall semi mention, and the other I won't. Although I was in a rush at the end of the lecture (which later caused me great pain), I can now do a little song and dance about something. A better explanation has to be given to someone (probably on Thursday) but I felt overjoyed to be blunt. I have decided not to explicitly mention what I'm going on about about in this blog, but I am desperate to leave a clue. Does the word 'minority' help? Please remain calm if it doesn't. :p P.S is just great - a brilliant lecturer, and I'm quite looking forward to what is to come hopefully. [Oh, I will probably be using a lot of different code words this year, which is annoying, but I fear being 'precise'].

I had a 'James Bond' moment today, but as always the director wasn't happy with it. Filming will resume tomorrow (I hope), and please note: I do my own stunts. :8

That signals the end of the post. The day ended on a positive, and a friend of mine from college said that no one can beat me when it comes to talking. Do I act offended, or secretly be pleased? :D (Although I seriously doubt this claim, as I am sure you might agree! I really don't talk that much...) Well I can at least hopefully happily state, that I can stay quiet in lectures. *touch wood*

Did I mention that it's good to be back? (Do I hear a 'It's good to have you back too.' from somewhere? Or is that just me talking to myself again? :p )

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