Friday, September 14, 2007

Brakes please

All throughout these holidays, you have probably grown sick and tired of me whinging about the holidays being too long. I have technically speaking been on holiday from 29th May, so I did have some reason to complain (in my defence). However, I find myself in a weird position now. Today is officially my last holiday, and I don't want it to be. Have I got used to the holidays? Have they drained all the life out of me?

I doubt it, but this week has honestly been very busy and a lot has been going on. I just want it all to stop. Stop so that I can somehow mentally deal with it all. The week has gone too fast for my liking, and next week is kinda full for me too. Do I need to bang my head against the wall again? This feeling of wanting Monday not to come is quite new. I spoke to Milo and Fizz today, and during that time I was excited about the prospect of getting together again. (I had made a timetable interpretation error, and now my timetable officially stinks. On Monday I have a 9-10am lecture and then I have nothing until 3pm-5pm! I would very much like to utilise them free hours, but I don't know if that is possible. I could always plan my driving lessons then?)

Seriously, my 'emotions' are new and awkward. I don't want Monday to come. For the past few days I have thankfully been falling asleep at 1am, which is a drastic improvement from 4am; but it is not the waking up which is making me hesitant. The weird thing is, that just as I want to apply the brakes, I don't as well. Confused? Yeah, me too. I think I'm not ready for the year to start just yet, because I haven't completed what I was meant to by then. Week 0 is not a big deal, and lectures officially start on Monday 24th September, so I guess I still have some time. I hope that I'm able to remember everything that I have forgotten. :( Meh.

I bet you were all waiting for my 'Woohoo last holiday' post! I have probably mentioned this before, but during the first month back I can't see myself visiting Blogistan as much. I really should be doing something else at this moment, and am going to rush away now, but I'll be posting occasional updates, eg: 'first day back'. ;)

My student loan is still playing up, and having rang both the university and the SLC I am still waiting. If the on-line system doesn't register my financial registration, then next week I will have to wait in this long queue for quite sometime , with my payment schedule (which I have yet to receive). What joy. Maybe if that all was sorted out, I would be much calmer? I'm sure it's swings and roundabouts, and I will be blowing a different trumpet tomorrow..

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