Saturday, August 18, 2007

You do the maths.

Yesterday I discovered the following:

And if it is not clear what has been done, then have another look:

I think the advertising company should take heed of the above! If they'd like new customers, then having 'you do the maths' on the front doesn't seem to be like a good campaign! Don't worry though - I rescued it from the people who did this (cough), and now it is safely hanging on my wall. :D The prospect of 'doing maths' seems to be having a negative impact on people. I wonder how many other were treated in this awful manner...

PS: Just want to say a few things on the maths carnival and the unrest about the splitting of it. I have never actually read through a carnival post, although I may have browsed through the host blog on occasions. (Well I might have skimmed through the post...) So whatever happens really doesn't concern me that much, because the content tends to go 'whoosh' over my head anyway.

However, since everyones talking about having a 'graduate student' and 'research student' orientated edition, why not have one for undergraduates? Obviously I won't be contributing anything mathematical, since my post seem to be anything but maths! However at the moment, I count four undergraduate blogs (not including Warwicks network) in Blogistan. There is Abelian Soup, Setting the World on Fire one Flag at a Time, Zero Divides and Conditional Propositions. More probably exist but they're the ones I have bookmarked. Do you know of any other undergraduate maths blogs?

As with the mathematical culture at universities, the post grad students and lecturers seem to form one group, and the undergrads a different group. Maybe the carnival should remain as one carnival but have sections instead? One for maths education, another for research students or lecturers, a section for undergrads and a general section. I don't know to be honest. One thing that I do know, is that I should stop being lazy and finish the gazillion drafts I've started! (well not gazillion but about five, six).


Dave Marain said...

Hi Maths student (sorry for not knowing your real name)!
I just found your blog and I'm enjoying it. As far as the issue of separating the carnival, I'm now moving toward a more moderate position of keeping it intact but separating it internally, although the issue of classification is still sticky. When I have time (and can use LaTeX more readily) I'd like to discuss the log question you raised!
Dave Marain

beans said...

Here is that link:

beans said...

Hi Dave Marain,

The names Bee, Bumble Bee. I don't believe in coincidences, but only the other day did I come across your blog as well!

Damn- sorry, that's not my normal introduction, but I've been watching too many movies lately! (I was going to shine the light in your face next and ask who sent you, but then I came to my senses!) I go by the name Beans. :) (Don't be sorry- you don't know my real name, because that is my wish:) ).

I agree with keeping it as one, and 'having something for everyone'. (Although that does sound like a big task!) A good site to get you started on LaTeX is the Art of Problem Solving one (in my blog roll). :)

I should have known that you've come from the town called Logarithm! I hope you have more luck with them than I do. (There was a post about them in Mathematics Under the Microscope, if you're interested. I'll go find it and post it in a second).

Sorry for scaring you, but one has to be careful nowadays. I'm not normally like this... honest!

PS: This comment is meant to come first, but I made an error in it before!