Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A vote.

So, the time has come when a decision has to be made. (I'm getting good at these short posts it seems)! Anyway, without revealing too much at this moment in time (I'm waiting for the 'opportune' moment!), I would be grateful if you could help me reach a decision. All you have to do is vote either A, B or C. That is all you have to post- I'm not asking for a sentence or paragraphs (although feel free to do so), just one letter and you can remain anon. (Pretty please with a cherry on top)!

So the three choices are:

A: The Galois Group

B: √Čvaristas

C: Les Galoisiens

The pictures are quite insignificant - they're for the forum logo (and to show what each name would look like). So which out of the three names tickles your pickle? Which radiates coolness? John C. Baez (and Walt ) have given there vote to C (at Ars Mathematica), and Jonathan Vos Post to B. I haven't voted yet, but A and C are tearing me apart \hyperbole. If you need any help deciding you could fit the names into the following sentence and let me know whichever one sounds the 'nicest'.

"I'm going to a lecture organised by 'The Galois Group/Les Galoisien/√Čvaristas."

I think I've got myself some motivation! (Although the nasty Internet didn't work last night and has caused slight delays.) Please do vote - it's free... and... and then I'll tell you what one plus one really equals!!


steve said...

I vote for A as it has a double meaning.

beans said...

Thanks for voting. :D

That's why I'm inclined towards A as well- because of it's double meaning.

So it's a draw between A and C at the moment. (BTW, would you know how to pronounce C? :o )

Plato said...

B. You could get away with C (and it's really just as good as B - but voting for both would null my vote and deny me the prize of knowing what 1+1 really equals), but definitely not A, even if the double meaning meant everything to you in the world.

It looks far too 'cramped' in A, if you get what I mean. Maybe you don't. Maybe I'm just crazy. A-ha-ha-ha!

~ Plato (yes, that Plato)

beans said...

Thank you for voting. :D (In my next post, all will be revealed about 1+1 Well actually one line of the next post will reveal it! Although that'd make two of us crazy. ;) )

What about A, without the 'the', i.e. just 'Galois Group'?

So it's a draw between all three at the moment. (And I don't think I do know any other Plato. :D)

Anonymous said...


there's a "plato" in beetle bailey.


beans said...

Thanks for your vote. :)

I was worried that it will turn out to be a draw! So it seems like its going to be A then...

Thanks to Wiki, I now know what beetle bailey is as well. :o

KTC said...

Hmm, A or C, A or C... :/

I'll go for A.

beans said...

Haha - I was going through that same thought process, and chose A as well! Thanks for voting. :)

Jake said...

I vote for A as it is the easiest to pronounce and involves a pun.

The only thing I would suggest is that you move the 'The' slightly down and the 'Group' slightly up so that the text fits better (as Plato mentioned).

I must say though, it is a professional looking logo - what did you make it with? And what is it for?

beans said...

Thanks for voting- I think A it is then. :D

Lol, you embarrass me! I made it using the open office software. I Googled 'Galois Group' if I recall correctly, and found the background picture. Then I made it antique by the settings from the program, and just played around with the brightness of it. Surprisingly the font is called, 'French something' which I found fitting!

I think rather than pressing enter, which creates a large gap, I'll make three separate text boxes and move them about. Cheers. (I also played around with the font style and thought that outline was the best). It's for the forum which I've been slowly working on! Note: Very slowly (although I'm getting somewhere now).