Friday, August 10, 2007

Update on Blackboard Under Arrest.

I've calmed down quite dramatically and so now onto important things. I'm just going to give an update on what's been happening (by copying and pasting from other blogs!)

From we learn,

"The petition below was sent to the Prime Minister's office by e-mail on 3 August 2007, and then by fax and airmail. However, on 7th August Professor Ali Nesin was summoned to the prosecutor's office for interrogation. The key charge was "education without permission". The prosecutor told Professor Nesin's lawyer that he will open a trial against him in few days."

Yes, there does seem to be something that's not being made clear. I'm just presenting what other bloggers are saying here, and not commenting on Turkish politics. From this other blog's comments, the plot thickens,

"However, it is true that they were building w/o a permit. On the other hand, in rural areas, hardly anyone bothers about a permit.
I guess the most disappointing part was that they were accused of establishing a teaching institution w/o a permit!!!
Wow. I wonder which local official has even thought about that. This is NOT a teaching institution for money, this is a co-op camp of volunteers. No money is asked nor expected.

The sad thing is that all this has happened because Prof. Ali Nesin is the son of Aziz Nesin, a very influential writer of his times, who gave such hard time to the governments, that they labeled him as "communist" and jailed him at every opportunity.

So, the witch hunt goes on."

That is someones take on whats happening, but all this is doing is showing how ridiculous, 'education without permission' sounds. The petition is looking great and now has over 200 signatures on it. You can still sign it, and if I may quote Professor Borovik's post you can be anyone,

"Who can sign the petition? Anyone who loves and/or appreciates mathematics. That's true, it has signatures of Fields Medalists - but also of undergraduate students, artists, philosophers, engineers, medical scientists. Please, do not feel intimiated; if you support the petition - sign it."

The email address can be found at the blog for the petition, or the picture on the right. Professor Borovik has himself given an update on proceedings, which you can find at this post: Black board still under arrest. Other links about the response from various places can be found at the end of the post. That post really sums up how silly the whole situation looks and gives more detail on everything. It would have been better if at least the reason for the persecution was made clear to everyone.

Does this remind anyone of V for Vendetta?

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