Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Transformers (and Bumble Bee)

Only a paragraph at this time, since I couldn't wait till my heads glued on properly, and the movie was just great! That sentence didn't make much sense to me, but this movie took me by surprise. I actually enjoyed it, and it didn't even feel that long. Actually I felt that it was awesome - it had me grinning at the end, and was fantastic. BTW, a word of warning - I'm Bumble Bee! Sorry, I've bagsied bumble bee, and since none of my friends etc know of this blog, there is no point in changing my name to prove this to them! Megatron, Iron Hide and Jazz have already been taken, but I'm sure I can always do something about that if anyone is interested. Seriously, I loved this movie. Unlike Spider Man 3, during which I had fidgeted and checked what time it was, I actually forgot about the time whilst watching this movie.

Ooops I lied- it's 1.5 paragraphs- I'll be editing this post tomorrow sometime, after painting of course, but if you've watched it who would you like to be? No one has volunteered for Optimus Prime yet ...(actually no ones been volunteering- we all fought 'diplomatically' i.e. 'bagsying' over bumble bee, and then I chose the rest!) 'Autobots, roll out'.


Steph said...

So would you recommend Transformers? I am toying with the idea of seeing it- but it doesn't seem the type of this that I'd enjoy.

beans said...


When it comes to recommendations I'm always hesitant, but even I was unsure of seeing this but thoroughly enjoyed it at the end! It has a nice flow to it and the story moves along nicely. It even made me feel sad on one occasion! I gave it a 9.4/10, but I'm hoping to watch it again soon! (Well then no one can doubt that I'm bumble bee. :D)

(I don't think you'll regret watching it- or I hope you don't! It was good fun.)

Steph said...

Good rating. I'll give it a go.. and I won't hold you responsible if I hate it. :-)

beans said...

You can if you want- I've already barricaded myself in my room, and stocked up food supplies!

Wait a minute- I'm meant to be Bumble Bee; bring on the hate I say! :D

(Oh false bravado. ;) )

But I hope you don't hate it. You might like it so much, that you want to be a transformer as well!

Steph said...

Well if "holding you responsible" involves leaving my own room... I think I'll leave it. And as a secondary reason, I wouldn't want to hurt a bumble bee.

beans said...

Phew, I'll tell the dude guarding the door he can stop now. ;) And BTW, as I hope you'll see, I'm no ordinary Bumble Bee - I'm the autobot Bumble Bee (Who is cool!)

*Tries to look cool, but stumbles.* :(

(And don't underestimate bumble bees, they have tricks up their sleeves. Well on second thought they don't exactly have sleeves, but bees and wasps are best left alone! They'll do more damage to us, than us to them.)