Friday, August 31, 2007

Student Problems

Read that as student loan problems! As I'd been getting excited about university starting, I had forgotten about university fees.

21/08/2007: Post -Combined Maintenance Loan & Tuition Fee Loan Payment Confirmation Letter.

That's what it says on my on-line application window, but I still haven't received any letter. What with the Royal Mail strikes happening, I think I'll give it another few days though.

Why have I suddenly remembered this? Well we got an email from the university about registering for our second year. However, until I have my loan confirmation letter I can't register!! As my heart rate increased, I did for a second consider whether or not I'd be at university next year. I can't afford £3070! (Wow- that is a lot of money).

This will get resolved in a few days, of that I'm confident, but now I have to dwell on what my year would be like if I didn't go to university next year. I'D HATE IT. REALLY REALLY HATE IT. Woops, the shift key was playing up then. Honestly, I have made cool friends and love my course (touch wood), and even though I could potentially do a lot of things in that year, I wouldn't. I would spend it in mourning! Yes - I'm that sad, but I wouldn't mind being a student my whole life. ;) At least then I'll have an excuse for being lazy and not doing things when I'm supposed to.

That drama aside, after a few months I have finally bought another maths book! Not the Fraleigh one (I think I'll buy that when the year starts otherwise it'll look weird :p ); but another one about algebra. Why did I buy it? Well it was for half price... Oops, you just gave me that look! I'm a student is my excuse, and a very gullible one as well. The second reason for buying it, was that it had mention of Galois in some reviews. The silly thing is that the name of the book I cannot remember! I'd rather not ask you for an estimate, on how much I have spent on maths books so far, but leave it to your imagination. (Well a post on my book list might help you somewhat, but that is still in waiting.)

Did I mention Dory from finding Nemo before? Seriously, I'm becoming like that! Only a few hours ago I was telling someone that I'd bought The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen today, when someone else came. To this person I then said, I bought... 'erm... what is it called... that movie we watched...' I'd forgotten what I'd said not two seconds ago! Thankfully I was kindly reminded of it, but that was the second time it happened today. (First time when I was playing Resistance fall of man). I was probably having a good day today. ;) It is quite annoying forgetting things. I get distracted too easily and hence, forget as well.

I doubt that is going to change, but for the past week or so, Bob the Builder has been back in town. :( Or should I say, Beans the Builder? There is something that I might hate more than stats at this moment in time - PAINTING! It is a boring job and paint smells badly. As you've probably gathered I have not been having the best of weeks, and I think today (Friday) isn't going to get much better. After breakfast i.e. lunch on a good day(!), I'm off to paint and do other jobs. I was going to have another bash at using the jigsaw but didn't because the task was of great importance. The painting etc should be over soon, so I will be free once again.

I lot of groans in this post, and no maths! Strangely I feel exhausted; lethargic, and without energy to do anything. I think we should create some general rules about how to drive your trolley in a super market. What say you, that the rules that apply to roads are applied to super markets? I was driving down the aisle, on the correct side might I add, when some silly driver just pulled out of no where causing me to stop! Thankfully no one was injured, but the bread did complain about a few twinges. It happened on more than one occasion, which makes me wonder why people don't be considerate to other aisle users. One person had parked his trolley at a weird angle and obviously an accident had happened. (Not with me though). You should only be allowed a trolley if you have a license. :D (wishful thinking, but it would be fun!)

Sorry no maths - the darn multiplication and addition tables for bases were taking ages! (My fault for choosing a big base, but erm... there is always another day). Milo is coming to Manchester on the Sunday before term starts. I had volunteered to help him unpack his stuff, but might not be able to make it on the Sunday! I don't know what to do, since my help is required and I do want to go. :/ The countdown begins: 17 days remaining!

Oh, before I forget, a warning to all users of Blogistan. Some malicious people are currently out there on a job: 'Bloggers battered by a viral storm.' Just be careful on what links you click on! It normally appears at the bottom of the window, so always double check. Viruses, worms and the rest are nasty. (I speak from experience!) I tried posting a link-less post, but had to post the one above to inform.

*My challenge for them days: post the blimmin' draft posts!! Pfft.


KTC said...

Not to deliberately damp your enthusiasm, make you more depress or whatever, but I don't trust Royal Mail.
1. Send uni application by registered post, take >1 week to arrive.
2. Received a Christmas card send on time for Christmas after new year, that is having received one sent by someone else from exact same place that was sent later a week earlier.
3. Most recently, a letter sent to me arrived nearly 2 months later...

p.s. That reminds me, need to check on my loan and complain about point 3, oh and register for new year.

p.p.s. You can always register with the uni. to pay by instalments until you get the letter. At least you know you're getting a confirmation letter, nothing to worry about. :)

beans said...


I don't trust them as well and always send student loan/university letters by recorded delivery. However, in my case for number 1 it was more than 1 week. (They had asked me to sign the agreement and send it, which I did by recorded delivery, only for them to send me the same letter a few weeks later saying they hadn't received it!)

2 months! Wow, I have never waited for that long; but I really think that the latest strikes messed up the law and order.

About the pps: I have got till the 28th September to do financial registration, which I intend on doing over the phone! Maybe because they've confirmed it this will be OK, and I'll only need the letter for the main registration? (Self service didn't work for me last year, and phoning up is much easier. It leaves you feeling relaxed that you've sorted the problem out.)

If only it was just a simple matter. :/