Thursday, August 02, 2007

A \sout{mathematical} beansy truth...

...that is, what one plus one equals. This is normally taught in primary schools, but then again not all schools do appreciate the importance of this fact. This is another quick (and early) post, since the one I've been working on can't be completed, because the topic its about hasn't been completed!

So, first a picture:
Hmm, my hand writing does seem to be quite awful there, so don't worry if you can't figure the answer out. (Oh, and I'd advise you not to bang your head against the screen if indeed you know of this 'truth'- it's dangerous! :o) That looks like a box, but so what?

Maybe the next picture will make things clearer:

Does it? OK, I give up. One plus one equals a...a window! Yes, I know that you're probably thinking that it's obvious now, but don't go forgetting it. (Excuses time again- it's early!)

That is a universal truth known to all mathematicians who don't know much else! I.e. ME. Why- because I damaged my frontal lobes today. :( I bent down to pull the plug out and fell forward. Then there was a bang, some dramatic music thrown in, and me clutching my forehead in dismay shouting, 'My frontal lobes- what is going to become of me now! This can't be happening.' And obviously a lot of ouching was done. After this the scene ended with me somehow recovering from the magnitude of this painful near death experience, and making myself a nice cup of tea. I'm just glad that the prefrontal lobes didn't get hurt! (Dr Kawishama had told me to look after the frontal lobes. They control our impulses and desires etc. If you find yourself getting angry very quickly then your frontal lobes have been hurt! Oh- I'll confirm this tomorrow after rechecking with him.)

So, that's the story of my life. One bang here and another there. Most scenes tend to end with a cup of tea, and only rarely is any blood lost. I think hospitals have a funny effect on me! Woops- I'm getting carried away (nothing new there). If you didn't know this universal truth, you do now - 1+1= a window. Genius. It was one of them beautiful things that you learn at primary school and never forget for the rest of your life. *sniff*.

For those who already knew this and got bored pretty quickly, then I have a challenge for you. Due to a result of huge damage to my head today, I forgot my next question. So what adds together to give you a window with curtains?

Does anyone remember Dory from Finding Nemo? 'Am I dead yet....?' Yeah- that fish. We're far cousins and so my memory is quite like Dory's (that's why I tend to forget a lot of things). BTW, thanks for all those who voted in my previous post and you can still vote if you haven't already done so. (If you haven't voted and still need convincing, then think that your vote might make a huge difference to the next generation of mathematicians. You have a huge responsibility on your shoulders- act wisely. Please... *cut*.

Now to end the post (finally, I hear). First a few words. In my quest to get something started at the university, my wish is that this blog remain far far far away from everything. Call this my form of escapism but something scares me. I also fear that this might not be possible, but I will be preparing myself for it. I'm actually hoping that the rambly nature of my blog scares people of at times -I mean they might come across it but then discard it. I'm also afraid that the annoying and painful comment moderation, will be a permanent feature. It wasn't meant to, because it was initially there to prevent a potential problem, however today I realised that I should keep it. Imagine someone posting, 'Hey *my real name!* I didn't know this was your blog' and me only discovering the comment at night? Games over then I'm afraid! Wow- it's 4am and I actually managed to say something that didn't make my head hurt. I'll finish with this quote:

“I am one, but I am only one. I cannot do everything; but I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”
Edward Everett Hale.

With that in mind I hope to continue what I had started. :) Dare I feel positive again?

*please excuse any embarrassing errors!


KTC said...

Oh, '1 + 1 =' makes much more sense if you know Chinese, as the result is actually a word.

"Logical" puzzle like that was all the rage when I was wee. :)

beans said...

Do you know Chinese then? (i.e. that word).

Lol, they were the rage back in my days as well. ;) We used to ask someone (most times adults), what one plus equals. They naturally said '2' and then we used to laugh (in an innocent 8 year old way of course!) and say its window. We then asked them the same question again, and this time they replied, 'Window'. Once again, we exclaimed- 'You don't know that one plus one equals two!' Ah- they used to give up then, and didn't like the prospect of hearing about the curtains one!

KTC said...

Yep, I'm Chinese (Cantonese). ;)

beans said...

Cool- my AS further maths class mate was Chinese. He did try teaching us numbers in Chinese, but only my teacher seemed to get the hang of things. Although he later confessed to having written them down!

Thanks for the link - I recognised the little window!