Thursday, August 16, 2007

\sout{ Mathematical Mentality} Football Rant

EDIT 4.21: I haven't managed to finish my actual post on 'Mathematical Mentality' and I was hoping that it would come straight after this one. I got carried away here, but hopefully tomorrow, I mean later today, I'll complete it. (I need to sleep now!)

As I sat, nursing my cup of tea, bitterly watching MOTD (Match of the Day), mathematical thoughts intruded the slow frustration building up inside me. Before I do discuss more about this intrusion, I have yet to have a 'It's the start of the new football (soccer) season' post, since ... well Manchester United haven't been doing too well! That's an understatement - we've drawn the first two games of the season. The misery.

I'm not being 'harsh' but a new season is a new season, and so you have to forget about the previous season (the highs and lows). We are no longer champions. We're a team who spent an awful lot of money buying players, who I mght not have bought myself(!), and we've drawn our first two games. We didn't need a Tevez and Nani I can't comment on. Hargreaves sounds OK but that much money for a cover player? Sigh.

It is surprising, but none of my friends (apart from Trevor) have been football fans (they prefer cricket or rugby - pfft). Trevor has gone a different way now, but man do I need to vent some of this football 'thoughts' out! My thoughts go to Mrs P (from school), Mr Hu, Mr B, Mr H (all three from college) and Prof S (uni), who I always tend to discuss football with (at inconvenient times of course!) The point is that my 'peers' always tend to disregard my opinions and thoughts on football, and my teachers, well they put up with me! I can't exactly bug them now (although it is tempting!), so the alternative is this blog.

Sorry for those who are not fans of the game, but since the edit, you can safely ignore this post and skip to the next one, if all you are interested in is maths.

Ronaldo - the idiot has gotten himself a red card. He was pretty impressive, but you know what angered me the most today- more than the draw? Pizzaros BLATANT DIVE. I hate divers- they give football such a bad name.

Gah. I know watching football is great, but actually being out there and playing is better. If you've ever been to lazer quest, you might just know of the feeling I describe. You fall down, but then quickly get back up again - back to the game. Divers make my blood boil! What do they get out of it? It makes me think whether them players are actually playing football because of football. Today what seems more important is the politics of the game. I know a lot of money is involved, but it has given football a bad name. Players that were my 'football role models' were Cantona and Keane. Roy Keane. When we weren't singing, 'Ooh ah Cantona', I was Keano. A box to box player. None of that diving riff raff.

Why wouldn't I have bought Tevez? The main reason is that I'd rather spend that much money on a goal-scoring machine. Yes- that's a tall order, but we need a goal scorer. We need a striker scoring most of our goals in our season. Whoops, I'm reminded that its early days, but we've only scored two goals so far which is far more worrying (and Rooney's injured as well). If only I could stick the number three shirt on eh.... (Aye- that is wishful thinking indeed, I'm as 'accomplished' in football as I am in maths. I.e. all heart(!)- I need to improve my long range passing and possibly be careful when sliding in!) I did have a kick about outside today, but playing a match is completely different.

You forget everything when playing football, which is a bonus indeed. As I've been typing this, my frustration has thankfully slightly decreased - at least now I have football to vent my frustrations on.

A final analysis of what I want to happen this season! Obviously I'd like United to win the Premier League more than any other cup, but if we don't win that, then the Champions league would be nice. I've got a feeling that Fergie has been buying players with Europe in mind. Just a thought, but when playing in the European cup, on most occasions you have to change your game plan. We don't tend to do that. Its OK when you're dominating teams and dictating play, but against the likes of AC Milan, you CAN'T contain them, so don't bother! If we don't get either of them two cups then the FA Cup is a must. And if that fails the league cup it has to be.

That fantasy season aside, I think as alway, Liverpool might finally have got themselves into gear. I always fancy Liverpool's chances during the season, but they always disappoint. I'm not a gambling bean, but if everyone can be kept happy in the 'pool camp, then they'll do good. I wonder- who is the better team, United or Pool? That's a close call indeed and since I haven't seen the new signings in action, I can't really comment. Chelsea will always be a pain and Arsenal have the potential to be painful. Arsenal are going through a transition period, but Wenger is the man for them (no Henry is going to be weird though). Will these four teams be in the top four again? Well if United aren't, then Newcastle surely will be. Pfft.

It is too early to comment on relegation battles but I really hope Sunderland do well. You see even though I support United, I seem to have developed some sort of allegiance towards Sunderland because of Keane being their manager.

This season, more than any other, I want to watch football. I want to see beautifully constructed goals without too much concern of the result. La La tends to watch 'players' rather than the football and as we watched the highlights of the Chelsea game, La La told me the score. It was hoped hat I'd change the channel upon hearing that Chelsea won. I didn't. I said to La La that even if it had been a League 3 game, I would still have watched it (explains why I have a lot enemies when I have the remote!). I watch football to see players develop and interact as part of a team. I watch it for the game - Joga Bonito, eh? :D

(Just found them videos now and they seemed appropriate.)

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