Thursday, August 23, 2007

My LaTeX test post

Keep moving, there's nothing to see here. Well apart from the two aliens that dropped by for a visit, everything is normal. Keep walking... If you're still here, then let me warn you: I used to love playing hide and seek, and surprisingly had the patience to hide forever and the determination to never stop seeking! Be afraid *muhahaha*. (Well afraid of being found and then having to seek me!) Before I forget - good luck to all those who will be receiving their GCSE results today! (or at 6am to be precise for some) I still remember the day I got my results - everyone else had got their's and I had kept on jumping to the back of the line, not wanting mine. Only after my dad had rang asking if I'd passed, did I get them!

From Ars Mathematica, I found a "site to generate images from TeX code for your site. You can link to the site rather than hosting the image yourself, and the site even supports directly encoding TeX into the URL of the image." The site is Texify which uses mimeTeX according to that post.

This post is not to test \LaTeX for my blog (since thanks to Steve, I have that sorted), but it is for the forum I'm making. Well I've been neglecting the forum of late, but it only needs a few tweaks now; \LaTeXbeing one. So that post has presented me with the opportunity to get down to the tweaking. You can find more on-line \LaTeXcompliers on Steve's Blog here: Online LaTeX.

On the forum the following doesn't appear, for reasons I do not yet know:

e^{i \pi}=-1

Most surprising, since:
[img]\LARGE\!e^{i%20\pi}=-1.gif[/img] and

doesn't work on the forum.

(I will most likely be editing this post on numerous occasions.)

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Hi, try it again please. (You sould generate new links from

beans said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. I'll give it a go in the next few hours. :)

beans said...

Woo- it worked. Thank you. :) said...

No, thank you ;)

beans said...

Wow - that was a quick response. (You're welcome if that's the case!!). Maybe I thought that no one would be commenting at this time. :p

*Crawls back into hole!*