Saturday, August 25, 2007

1... Eureka

EDIT: I'm being strange here (as per usual) and have numbered the posts. Number 1 (this post) is the post I wrote first, but not on my computer so didn't post it; number two (after this) was what I wrote on word pad as I waited for the Internet to magically work; number three was just something I found nice and necessary to post. Why necessary? Well I don't know how many of you have the sound 'on' on your computers - but them darn videos are beginning to annoy me! Especially when the volume is quite loud. Meh. Worry not the idea of these three posts is so that the videos disappear into oblivion. And they have - muhahaha!


My cousins wife had a boy recently. Yes, it is important to specify that it was my cousins wife, and not 'my cousin had a boy'. So yesterday there was a party of some sort at their house, and family members gathered. As always when that happens, things can potentially become messy. When Mr. Hu once quizzed me about why I was walking when I was late for Biology, I had replied, 'I'm late anyway, so might as well go fashionably late.' I had knicked that from Leonardo Di Caprio. This was towards the end of the year, and I actually remember running across campus to get to my lesson on time in the first few weeks. (As spectators laughed, but it had been Chemistry!)

My Biology teacher* hadn't been amused, and truth be told I had a funny relationship with her. We used to talk about politics, books, biology and what not, and she knew that I was deliberately pushing her patience. She responded quite well and made me stand outside for a few minutes, and the next time it had been more! Don't worry I soon stopped this fashionably late thing, but yesterday I had tried it again. Successfully might I add.

You'd think that I would no longer be invited to such occasions, but it seems that they had actually wanted me to take photos. I felt used. :( [not really - they had some nice food!] Other people did have cameras, but they seemed to want to be in the pictures at the same time! Hence, I proved useful since I enjoy snapping away at random things.

It had been a nice cool day yesterday, and as night fell the weather remained pleasant. I found myself sat outside, eating my food and drinking my drink. It was really nice, sitting outside, watching the clouds playfully move about and the sun play hide and seek. The door had been open and I was in conversation with people, but nothing beats sitting outside and eating peacefully. However, my peace was being threatened. One of my younger cousins stood in the doorway- blocking the light! She commented that it must be cold outside, but I was wearing my trusted fleece so it was quite cosy. 'You might get locked outside by accident you know.' I was told, to which I replied that I would go inside the other way. She was sharp and said that the other door was locked, however I was equally up to it and said I'd go home if that was the case.

After this exchange she sat at the table to eat, and I went back to my food. But seconds only seemed to have passed and she was fully outside now, pulling up a chair next to me! You see there is some history here - my cousin is less than 11 years old and is going to be in year 6 next year. (I think she's 10 though). From all of the young cousins in my family she is one of the brightest. She has an inquisitive nature, and I confess to having been annoyed by it at times. Well I was slightly younger at the time (in my defence).

What is so important about this ten year old kid, you ask? (Apart from the fact that she asks ten billion questions on a good day!!) Well she LIKES MATHS!! Don't look surprised now - she actually said it when I asked about her favourite subject. I was in a peaceful mood one could say, and on this occasion I had a proper conversation with this 10 year old girl. WOW. I think on my previous encounters with her, I'd assumed she was a 'kid' and treated her so. Well you expect that they get on with what they're doing, but she hadn't. The thing is that she looks younger than ten which is why people often mistake her for being younger, and treat her so. The sad thing is that I remember wanting to talk to my older cousins, and being shunned aside by a few of them. I used stand and watch them playing football on the computer - waiting for a chance. I had wanted to talk to them about football and everything but they used to tell me to get out of their faces! (Apart from three non-footballers).

I've probably done the same to this cousin unfortunately, but it is never too late for redemption. My conversation with her seems weird now, because I still think she's younger. We talked about the planets, the human body, English poems and most importantly Maths. I actually, initially hadn't told her about my own fascination with maths and only asked a few questions. When she had said that she likes maths the most, I had replied with, 'but it is hard, is it not?', to which she had replied, 'Well that's the best bit about it. That's what makes it fun.' Do not worry - the shock will soon wear off. I couldn't believe my ears! She is the first person in my family to ever say that to me, and so from this day on she is my most bestest cousin. :D Well, now the rest of them know how to get into my good books. (I think she's with Bear and Mini Bear).

She's been learning cross stitching in the holidays if you want to know, and loves Sudoko puzzles. She had said that she wasn't in the top set for maths, but was for English, but didn't like English as much as Maths. I then told her that you don't have to be in the top set to like maths and be good at it. She really is quite sharp, or maybe it was a lucky guess, but she even guessed my real age correctly (apart from being a couple months off)! I then told her about going to college and University, and slowly let my interest in maths be shown. Then it became obvious, so when I asked her to guess what degree I was doing, she guessed maths. Now was my chance to go in for the kill!

I asked her about her future ambitions and she doesn't seem to have any yet, but might want to do teaching. I sensed an opening and said why not be a maths teacher? :D See what I did there? Hehe, her parents will soon be complaining to me that I've brainwashed her, but that is a risk that I am willing to take. I'm still quite happy about this and can't wait to see her again. I respect her in a funny way. :)

BTW, I have a question or call it an observation. I know sometimes making funny faces to kids can be amusing, but don't people sometimes over do it? I mean, what happens if you... talk to babies or kids? I think conversations start arising when babies learn to talk and that is quite fun; and when they're three or four they never be quiet! (Bear and Mini Bear) But I don't like it when parents tell their kids to 'stop crying and hit him back'. Well one of my three year cousin claimed that he was 'Tony, Tony Motan...' Yeah, he couldn't say it properly, but his dad finished it for him. I mean what is so cool about being the tough kid on the playground?

All in all though - it was a good day yesterday, apart from the gigantic spider who was sat guarding the door when I got home. A yoghurt pot and a piece of paper sorted him out though! Strange, but I just remembered telling my maths cousin about how a friend of mine chucks books on spiders! You shouldn't be killing spiders, I say. (We'd been eating outside and my cousin doesn't like 'insects' so had reacted when one walked past.)

I hope she does end up doing maths - it would be nice to have a second mathematician in the family. Well second when I become one that is! I have given up trying to positively encourage my brother or Po to enjoy maths and study it further. I know its early days, but I feel happy to have had the conversation I did have.

*[My biology teacher was cool -power infinity may I add! Everyone seemed to be scared of her, but I think she didn't like that. Well obviously who would? She wasn't 'scary' though - cool and misunderstood. She made me go to AST once because I had not 'attained my mpg', but still she was a great and mischievous(!) teacher. :D I've just been sat here remembering biology lessons and badly missing them. The experiments, the content, my class mates, and of course the teacher. I hadn't done A2 Biology, but my friends had so I always used to pop into her class. In footballing terms: a legend. ]


kh said...

"A legend" is one of those footballing phrases I can't get over. It sounds stupid every time someone says it!

And if you recall, I've commented before. I got my GCSE results: an A* in maths. Oh hooray!

beans said...

Lol. I think it sounds fitting for certain players though, and my biology teacher did like football (to a small degree)!

(I unfortunately can't remember any cool biology terms, which can be be used instead!)

Well done! That's excellent - enjoy the feeling. :D Are you off to college now?