Saturday, August 04, 2007

A clumsy post

Three things happened to me in quick succession yesterday.

First, I was walking fast and was approaching the door. Whilst walking out of the door I raised my hand to point to something, and wham it hit the door. It was my right hand and near my little fingers knuckle. I gritted my teeth, said a well chosen words in my head, and headed towards the direction I'd just come from. Immersing my hand under cold water, I pondered over whether the water should be hot or cold to prevent bruising. I don't know from where, but I remembered that you should alternate between hot and cold water. And so, I impatiently stood with my hand under the water, waiting for the pain to subside. It did, but a lump remained. Raw.

As you can imagine, I was walking fast since I had a purpose or should it be purposes. I had to finish the Harry Potter level on the computer, do my brain exercises before midnight on Dr Kawishama's Brain Training Game, make a cup of tea for myself, print some questions of, see if there was anything worth watching on the TV, and find myself a blank CD. I had boiled the water and was heading towards the Harry Potter game, when this calamity overtook me. It was 11:30pm! After the brief delay I put the Harry Potter game on and loaded the daily exercises. If you load them before midnight and then don't quit the screen, you can still do them after midnight. That was the plan. With the game loaded, I rushed away and after flicking through the channels and not seeing anything that could further distract me, I headed for the boiled water.

Two cups of tea it was (I was in a nice mood), and I quickly made them. Time was ticking. I still had printing to do but the computer was booked. Impatiently I went to the Harry Potter game with the tea to find that someone had quit the brain training!! I was told off because I had my hand in everything, and so I quietly sulked and pleaded that my name should be loaded before midnight. My plans were smoking up in front of my very eyes. No longer able to witness the destruction of my data on that game, I was relieved to find the computer empty. My tea discarded, I opened the files that required printing and whilst they loaded, I madly tried to find a CD. CD found, I proceeded to print the three pages I wanted to.

It was MATHS!

Wooo. "Finally", my brain cried. It was overjoyed. I couldn't disguise my pleasure as well, and wasn't able to sit down. (Not because I was running out of time!) It was just some questions which I'd thought of printing out, to slowly work on the rust that has gathered in large amounts in my head. Darn that Iron Oxide. Darn me for sitting here for the past five minutes, trying to remember what the Iron Ore was called. And darn me again for locating my chemistry GCSE book to remember that it's called Hematite; and blast that blasted furnace for not doing its job in my head! Well I have a month or so left to recover the situation and last night was a start.

After I had printed the sheet and set about saving all my stuff onto the CD I had to do one other job. This was when the second event happened, and believe it or not it was by the same door! That same door! I wasn't able to shrink myself to navigate safely past someone and a collision occurred. My leg came out worst. The door frame has recently been damaged and the door no longer 'clicks' into place when it closes, and that 'thing' sticks out now. I ended up banging into the 'sticking out thing' and hurting my thigh. From all things that could have hurt me, it had to be that. Annoyed I rushed to the Brain Training game and this time pleaded for my name to be loaded. 5 minutes were left till midnight. I didn't think playing the Harry Potter game was possible, and after a quick sip of my tea I had to return to this other job.

This job was quite simple, so simple that I simply can't write what it was. I needed to find a pen and went towards the pen pot. The other tea cup that I had made was on the floor. I tripped over the edge of the carpet. Woops, I cried -grateful to have landed on my feet. But then, all eyes went to the floor. The cup no longer upright. "This is magic of the worst kind", I cried. "Believe me, I've been cursed." (Well I was in my head. ;) ) No matter, the situation was recovered. I was left on my own with my bad luck- left to wonder. The one day that I do something positive in terms of my maths, a sequence of unfortunate events(!) happens. Was this a Sign? I didn't have long to dwell on them painful thoughts and hurried to fill the form in after printing it out. Stamped and addressed it was ready for post man Pat. (I wonder if he's still on strike). Everyone retreated to their quarters and I was left to pick myself up.

Harry Potter didn't get a play, but my daily training had been loaded! I greedily did the memory addition (something which I've grown quite good at), and sipped my tea. It was cold. However all was not lost- the tea that had fallen had been remade, but not drank. I went in for the kill, and another spoon of sugar made it just right. It wasn't cold as well! Turning the Harry Potter game off; tea in hand, I gathered the printed sheets, CD and the brain training game and headed upstairs, after turning the alarm on. Well I had to actually make two trips since I was worried about the tea!

My brother has a bigger than A3 size white board and I had borrowed it during the day. It wasn't a black board, but it was better than nothing. There's a completely different feeling associated with doing maths on a board as opposed to paper, no matter how trivial the questions may be. It was however 3am before I started working on the questions since I had to sort my files from the CD out and a few other things. I actually was in 'the zone' so to speak, and didn't realise the time whilst I struggled with some questions. It felt... good!

The question I now ask myself is, do I spend the month going over my first year material that I didn't understand, or do I start reading over stuff that we're going to be doing in September, like algebraic structures and real analysis? Does it matter that I don't understand the pigeon hole principle and most of set theory? Meh, I guess it does, but I didn't like them topics. :/ I mean will I ever have to use the pigeon hole principle again? I'm going to go over permutations and some of sequences and series to refresh my brain, but its the things which I didn't understand that worry me. I have to do a final stats module as well. :(

Anyway, at the moment I have a lot on my hands, however I've found some sort of motivation. I'm hoping to ride on this wave as long as possible but I feel positive. I feel ready, but for what I don't know! BTW I watched Nanny MchPhee yesterday as well- maybe that explains all this happenings! 'When you need me but don't want me, I'll be here. But when you no longer need me but want me, I'll leave.' Erm... Nanny MchPhee- I need youuuuu!

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