Saturday, August 25, 2007

2... A discussion

After a long time I spoke to a university friend today. Obviously a conversation with a maths buddy has to have some maths mentioned; even if it is done so forcefully by me! Hence why I took this opportunity, to discuss my mad musings about what I am proposing for next year. First I mentioned the lectures. The response: 'Ha ha ha! No one will turn up.' That and a lot of other similar thoughts. I didn't really mind, since my quiet confidence about attendance might be giving me false security, but nevertheless I'm positive about it - I don't really care if in the beginning only four people attend. That conversation ended there, although I hope it wasn't because of what I said!

However, thankfully (planned) contact was made again later tonight, and this time I gave the full version of everything. I am sure that my friends will be with me in this, albeit reluctantly, but that is encouraging. On my own, my confidence would really melt and disappear (to some degree). And organising things is more fun when there is more of you. (I hope so anyway)!

I hadn't previously mentioned LaTeX to my friends, since whilst we were bogged down with coursework, I didn't want to over complicate matters for them. This time I did mention LaTeX, however I don't think I did LaTeX proud since I wasn't very clear about it. This came about when I put the forum idea across, and once again was met with laughter. I think my friend isn't negative about this as such, but I don't think they appreciate or understand my 'infatuation' with maths. It was mentioned that no one else would give a damn but I am hopeful and positive about there being other students 'like me'. (Well not completely like me, because that would be just scary)! Somehow I have become slightly more determined now. University is starting soon and I can't blimmin' wait.

The other day I had even dreamed about being back with the Tweenies and Trevor! It was weird since from the outside, the maths building had been the mss building, and the inside had been the new one. On this occasion we hadn't gone to any lectures but there had been a mathematical vibe about the place. I was particularly pleased to see Trevor, my school maths friend. I strangely remember Bella asking me deep deep questions about life and everything else\{maths}! (Trevor, Milo and myself talked a little bit about sequences and series as well). I suppose you could call these maths dreams that I'm having as recurring nightmares, but I always wake up happy!

When the year starts I will be having a blogging break. For me that means not posting everyday, like I have been doing recently. I have been testing my self control and luckily I have some! I don't think I'll be blogging about every little, tiny, ickle, minute.... thing that happens in lectures etc! I have a feeling my second year is going to be rougher than my first, and we have a stats module in the first semester as well. :( Hence, I'd like to get a good routine started at the beginning rather than struggling. Yes, I'm already making plans for the start, and Po who starts earlier than me, always makes it a point to rub it in! Humbug. Oh, and I must unfortunately confess to having done very little( \varepsilon) maths this summer! I've read one or two books, but that just makes me feel worse.

I have had a lot of people telling me 'I told you so' and 'stop being lazy'. Do you think that laziness is an illness? (please say yes!) Or is that just me looking for an excuse? I have suffered these holidays because whenever I was hungry, I used to drink tea. Word of advice: don't ever do that. I want Bernard's watch. :/


Steph said...

Oh my goodness, I really loved Bernard's watch. I've had so many conversations with my friends about what to do with it/how good it would be to have it (answer: very)/potential drawbacks (i.e. do you continue to age when you stop the watch and thus suffer a premature death).

beans said...

Is it possible to not love Bernard's watch?! I don't think you continue to age, since technically speaking time has stopped so you can't get any older. It would indeed be a very useful trinket to have.

Oh sweet imagination!