Monday, July 30, 2007

'A Very Elegant Lecture'

As said by the author of 'diary of a dual major'. I sometimes post links etc to keep tabs on things I find across the Internet, and this is such an occasion. The link I've just posted is 'a lecture by Timothy Gowers on the importance of mathematics'. I haven't yet watched it, but I'm waiting for the first lecture to load up (which is taking an eternity- it would be easier to download it from somewhere!) Timothy Gowers has written a book that I have on my shelf and so his name stood out.

I haven't been feeling well for the past couple of days and at the same time I've been feeling like I'm not me. I mean I wake up do the things I do, but it seems like I'm watching myself do certain things and not being able to stop myself from doing others. It's weird indeed and you could say I'm having one of them internal conflicts again. Whenever I become ill my, throat gets badly affected since my tonsils are messed up (long story about how they ended up NOT being taken out). And so I get the most irritating cough in the world- not helped by a blocked nose. Humbug. I hope to repossess my body in the days to follow- oh what joy! Is it just me, but don't we all need periods where we want to be left alone? I don't mean alone alone, but alone! I can't explain this feeling, but having talked to Bella today, I'm glad that both of us are itching to get back. I just want to get back to the maths if truth be told- I feel like I've forgotten everything I've learnt so far. :/

A serious post has been in mind for a while but I may or may not post it in the early hours of tomorrow (well it's not so serious- just mad musings of a mad bean). Noddy really did give me a massive blow and I've yet to recover from it and find the motivation I had. The thing with me is that I see all these things working in my clouds, and then get carried away thinking that they're going to work in real life! I have a day left for my deadline to pass- even though I'm feeling deadly despondent (oohh alliteration), I hope to meet that deadline. The negativity has slowed me down considerably I'm afraid. Humbug.

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