Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"UK adults fail child's maths test."

I read this article today at the BBC website. It's only one question which makes it stupid for someone (i.e. me) to make a big hype about it, but it'd be interesting to know what problem the people doing this encountered. Were they not able to do the division without a calculator, or did they not understand the question?

You could say it's a 'duh' thing to suggest that people who went school 30 or so years ago would not be able to answer that question. The standard of education was entirely different then (better I believe!) compared to nowadays. What do we have today- technology? Hmm, I'm not trying to sound like a bitter old so and so with many cats, but what's really changed, from my opinion is the attitude of students. I don't know- my head is slightly loosely screwed today since I didn't realise that the keyboard has the keys, '[' and ']'- but it can't just be that. (I love going on about this don't I? :D)

Maybe what's missing is respect. All you hear students doing nowadays is swearing at their teachers, adults and everyone! Some swear words have become part of their vocabulary and they don't realise that swearing is not a good thing. I'm not going to pretend to be some angel- I do swear on occasions, but I tend to swear at events or things that happen. However, I know when not to swear. We had this event of some sort in my form class in school (once upon a time). If you swore you had to put 5p in a jar. If you wouldn't say it in front of your parents (bloody/crap) it's a swear. Oops that's 10p from me! One of my friend, who had a colourful tongue indeed, didn't like this restriction but wouldn't shut up, so my friend had to put 10p in the jar per swear. (The money went towards the annual fund raiser).

I've started doing that again but in my house. Hearing someone else swear makes you realise how vulgar it sounds- especially certain words! The only people I'd probably swear in front are the teletubbies and the Tweenies. The challenge for me is to control my tongue when I'm hot under the collar! I'll need small 'IOU' cards to go with the jar... It's a good scheme and when we were also younger we had an allowance. Whenever you swore 5p would get deducted and if you were rude to someone it was 50p. The aim of the game was to keep the amount of money you were to get, a large positive amount (we dealt in negatives as well- the amount carried over to the next week!) So let's see how long I can keep this up for.

I got carried away for a second but I'm not surprised at that result. The title of the article is slightly misleading, since a test does not consist of one question but I'm sure that some of the year seven students might have difficulty interpreting that question. If it said 32/8 they'd be OK, but it's the 'of' that might be off-putting!

I just asked Nuno this question who is in primary school at the moment and Nuno said 8. (Well Nuno had problems with hearing at a young age which went undetected. The problem is still there but it's known to us now and Nuno is a slow learner. Well if you can't hear, it's a bit hard to learn!) Exactly how many 8 year olds would you find answering that question correctly?

Woo- I've just ran every where and found that Lala's initial response was 8 as well! It was then corrected to 4 but....! (I'll comment on the others response when I locate them.) Didn't I warn myself to not get excited by this....

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beans said...

I've just done the brain age check and I'm 27 today. :D (Po gave the correct answer).