Monday, July 16, 2007

Slimy \sout{friend} foe recaptured!

Don't worry, there's no picture! (Not yet anyway...) The yeerk has been recaptured and it was found feasting upon a snail. :/ When I do post the picture, you'll probably be as fascinated as I was, but first it needs to be interrogated! I do wonder what I've got myself into- these yeerks don't seem to be backing down.

This weekend hasn't been a 'weekend'. The week hasn't ended, and guess what- it's not going to! Tomorrow I must rise before midday to go to school. I love saying that. I spoke to someone the other day and told them that I'm going to school on Monday- they didn't know how to respond for the first few minutes!

I've not done any real maths during the holidays which is making me feel slightly annoyed. I've been lazy in other things as well, but I can't believe that I'm annoyed at my laziness! I won't call it laziness to be exact- just not reached the right motivation. At the moment I've been 'conspiring' to do two things but it's all in my head (need to get it out of there). I think I need someone to tell me to do such a such thing for me to get myself going. In my defence the past two weeks have been unfortunately busy, what with doing two 'work experience' placements! The wallpaper is finally off the walls and I hope that means I can take a couple of days off. I'm just going to post a few pictures in this post (is it that obvious that I'm brain dead?).

BTW- I just wondered, if you love maths and teach it to secondary school kids, do you ever get time to appreciate and do maths. I mean maths for your pleasure as opposed for the students? Do you ever get the time whilst having to mark homework, plan lessons etc?

Oh, an update on my brains age- it's 29 years old now! Did you know cooking's actually good for your brain? Using a knife instead of a peeler is better since you have to concentrate more... as says Dr. K! It's a real fun game, if I may say so myself and you find yourself actually learning things. Onto the pictures now. I can't really say much about the first picture but I liked it,

.It was taken on Saturday, just after.

PM! Is that a sign of a bored person? (Well things did drag for a bit, and I was getting tired!) The sky was great in my opinion and I took a few other pictures of it much to the dismay of the people with me. :p Until we came across this that is:

Which was the final picture I took that night.

That's the 'hole' for the attic, which I had to climb into during the week. Well the ladder is no longer there, but the scary thing was when the extension leads plug got pulled out and the lamp had gone off. It was pitch black and I could feel the spiders crawling down my back. *shudders* (thankfully it was only for a short while!)
BLue= Bottom Left. BRown= Bottom Right. Hurrah, I remember something from Physics lessons! (Don't ask me which is the live one and which is neutral though...). Finally, my trusted friend...

... the steamer!

Having not done any maths has me feeling very bored. I was talking about university to 'the gang' today and I said that I missed maths. Boo hoo. Well I'm missing the daily hustle and bustle of going to lectures and actively learning maths. Hopefully at the end of this week I can do something about this.

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