Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Short Changed

It seems that I've finally found the motivation to get myself into gear. Now to answer the questions who, what, where when etc, I'm either looking at the fact that the deadline is in the early hours of tomorrow, or my semi-outburst at Gooseania. Well it was just me talking to myself in the way I normally do... They both have contributed, as has the fact that last night was a full moon. Erm... before we jump to any conclusions, no, I'm not a werewolf. :(

It was quite beautiful actually- turning my bedroom light off to find my room still alight. It's a shame that I was inside, but the creepy crawlies take over at night! Anyway, I had gone to bed ranting and raving which didn't seem to be a great idea- I had nightmares last night.

I'm still sleeping on the floor and in my dream there was a gigantic spider in my room- Shelob size- crawling all over my face! I could feel it's hairy legs. It's large terrifying face still burns in my head! That was enough to make me shoot up in bed and see that it was 9am. *shudders* I don't mind spiders - but on the face - no thank you. I then went back to sleep with my head deeply hidden under the duvet! The second nightmare was of a different and more awful kind.

Anyway, this is just a go between post whilst I'm on my break. I went to the post office today to post a letter (duh) and nuno wanted something. I sent it by recorded delivery and then went to the counter with a Freddo and a pound. Have you ever been short changed? A freddo bar is 15p and so I should have got 85p back. I always tend to check the change in my hand after it's given to me, having first tried to mentally calculate how much it should be. If it's 5p I don't really mind but this was my last quid! The guy had given me back 65p and so charged me 35p for which amount I could have bought a diary milk. Do you check the change you're given? I hesitated but then politely indicated this to him and he then gave me the correct change (I think this happened because he'd been talking to his friend behind the counter today). That's my adventure for the day folks - enough to get my heart beating fast!

Hopefully if all goes to plan, I'll report back on my days work.

BTW is it just me, or are all insects behaving weirdly this summer? :/

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