Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Scoobdy Dooby Doo!

I have perfected my technique of saying, 'Scoody dooby doo', in the way it's meant to be said. Yep- you've got it, I sound as dumb and extremely brave (ahem!) as Scooby does. Perseverance my friends, perseverance (as Mrs W of primary school used to say!). Keep at it and I'm sure you'll get the right tone and pitch to it.

Yes, this is going to be a short post (note no day 3 in the title). I'm quite excited at the moment, and since I am going out ETA 5 or 10 minutes, I thought I'd share my excitement since I'll be back late.

I got my results in the post today, and I've passed all my exams. :o It's a relief - most definitely relief and I'm glad that my linear algebra mark wasn't like my stats one! I'm quite shocked at the calculus and applications mark, and wouldn't mind a break down of what I got in the mechanics section! Overall though A I am happy. This is the cue for my post on semester two but now I've got to run! Hehe, the sequences result was also a shock, a thank you card is in order one thinks! Thankfully no resits are required, and I just hope that I don't lose the love and motivation that I have for maths, and I hope to meet many more great lecturers who will also motivate me in my studies.

The letter said, 'I hope that you had a rewarding first year and that you have an enjoyable summer vacation'.

My first year was great, and I was lucky to have some awesome lecturers who really got me motivated and into the subject. :) In my opinion that really was the difference, and I also can't forget the people who commented on this blog and helped me during the year. :) Cheers. I know I always tend to do things the bumpy way, but through Blogistan I learnt of many maths books, LaTeX and lots of other maths. Before I forget, the Tweenies must also have a shout out! This is no award winning 'speech' but their company and friendship made a big difference. Especially since I was able to be a 'maths freak' without watching my step (most times!). I'll leave this discussion for my intended post, but although I'm 'sad' that my first year has to end I'm eager for my second year to begin. Bye bye!


steve said...

Congratulations! or even LaTeX Congratulations!

beans said...

Thanks. :)

'Or even LaTeX thanks! ' :D (Although that does look rather suspect compared to your link!)

Source code- does wonders. ;) (Gah- have to revert to my 'Northern accent' and say cheers :D)

Not forgetting this smiley: :o!

Jake said...


beans said...

Thanks. :D (And good luck for your results too. :) )

beans said...

I can't have perfected my way of saying this, since I've wrote: 'scoobDy dooby doo' and 'scooDy dooby doo'!

The shame. :o