Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A nice little quote.

Well I consider the quote to be nice anyway- rolls of the tongue in a certain pleasant way you see:

'...but of course maths is never out of date, just out of fashion.'
(My PT)

At the end of this placement I'm feeling a certain type of sadness. The one I felt at the end of the university term, at the prospect of three and half months of holidays and no maths lectures.

Shoot me.

I'm an active learner and although I was desperate for a week off during the second semester, I want it to start again. If you've not got a healthy heart then you might want to stop reading this short post. Thoughts like this by me seem to affect people in a negative way! Oh- and I hope your eyes don't roll out of their socket... (if indeed you are one of them people!)

We should do a study to see how many weeks of holiday are actually healthy for the brain- I mean rather than having a chunky six week (or 3.5 months) holiday, can't we break them chunks up and position them into the year somehow? Or is this the point where I should shut up and leave my thoughts be? I don't know whether I'd say I'm lazy *coughs*, but when you're going to university or school everyday you have the motivation to study and it's a continuous thing. Well that's the case for me- I just need to get started, which is the hardest bit. Two months left eh, let's see how productive they turn out to be. This placement seems to have sorted me out to some degree and it's a shame that it has to end.

Today I learnt that accommodation was a greedy word, since it has two m's and two c's as well as a few other handy English tips. (I was found wanting on my disgraceful behaviour of not thinking where apostrophes should go!) However- I've already forgotten one or two things that were said. Crikey, my brain is like a sieve- I think a few teachers were getting me back for my blatant 'advertising' of maths!

Now would you prefer a long post everyday about my day or an even longer one on Friday? Well it has to be the Friday option since this Bean has got to go in a minute! Let's see how good I actually am when it comes to deadlines and pressure. What a night like tonight requires, is a strong cup of tea!

NOTE TO SELF: Remember conversation with maths teacher.

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