Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm slightly disappointed at the moment having just discovered something else on the BBC website, but it's not to about maths so it's OK.(This was in the early morning BTW). The BBC site had a photo competition with the theme 'Hidden', and you could submit three photos. I didn't manage to since they seemed to have cancelled all the competitions. Worry not though- my silly pictures can always be posted here! (Brace yourselves).

Due to my commitment to something else I'd gone to sleep at about 5am this morning. It was just like in the old days- however, on this occasion I fell asleep when I shouldn't have! I just rested my eyes for a second and I was out cold. Thankfully I had done a majority of what was required. (Nothing major don't worry!) I do wonder how I managed to wake up this morning, but alas I did. Surprisingly I'm feeling wide awake now. But wait, I'll let you in on a secret- after coming home today I slept till 8ish, which explains the wide awakeness. (I'm allowed to make up words today!)

And so my placement has ended. Patrick will miss his friend sponge bob and Lennie will probably be missed as well. The one bunch of students that will not be missed is the year eights. Well a majority of them- they gave me nightmares. Even today, I tried my best to avoid them. It's my own fault, since for the students who gave me nightmares they knew they could. Ah well, I've learnt from it. If the students want conversation- give them something.

A teacher asked me whether I've not been put off teaching at schools. I haven't, but I'm not sure whether secondary school is the right level. My first 'love' (bucket please), is maths and then it's teaching. The commitment of a teacher makes it hard for even the maths teachers to appreciate and learn more about their subject, as opposed to just teaching it. I don't want that to happen- I don't want to ever stop learning maths. It might not happen, but it's given me some food for thought indeed. More about this week tomorrow. Here's another quote and the pictures that I was going to submit.

"The teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself."

This is a slug feasting on or hiding a snail! A snail had been stood on by someone, and the next thing we found was this yeerk wrapped around the snail! (The snail is hidden. :p)

Well it's sunny and not sunny at the same time... I don't really know what I was playing with here, but it's not really meant to be hidden, but it is sort of hidden I suppose!

I was going to only submit them to, but I've found a rubbish third 'hidden' photo which you might find amusing.

That's at the UMIST campus (north campus) in Manchester, and it's slightly off balance since I was trying to take this picture whilst walking! This always makes me laugh whenever I walk past it, and he is sort of hidden. :p

(believe it or not I'm still tired!)

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