Monday, July 02, 2007

Hammers, ouch and humbug.


Yes, I am indeed alive and that wave was with my right hand! I've been pretty busy being 'bob the builder' recently. Actually, as I said there's a group of us and we all have our own names. I quite enjoying doing stuff like this- there is nothing more satisfying, having completed a hard days work, to sit and just observe the scene. Basically the house is getting a new look- not wallpaper type of look, but more of construction work etc. (my type of thing). I'm an amateur of course, but I think that my Uncle being a handyman has proved to be an influence of some sort. (And the fact that my dad likes doing odd jobs including wiring ...). I used to go with my uncle sometimes as his 'assistant'. That felt pretty cool, I must admit.

The gang's job has just got harder. Plastering will be required and a few other things which maybe wouldn't have been needed doing before. I can't do such advanced things, but you start with the basics and then move on. The guy who had previously owned the house had made a wall from wood, to split one big room into two teeny weeny ones. They were small, so Bob (who we're all helping) wants one big room and so we (ie. he) decided to make it into one! Doing this has messed the ceiling up slightly, but we're going to cross that bridge when we come to it.

I mentioned that I had helped to knock down the wooden wall, and that was only after I had insisted that Bob let me. Maybe it was a good thing that Bob was being reluctant since, if you recall I did some damage to my left hand. What I believe has happened is that I've 'damaged' my lower left arm. Imagine 'punching' a punch bag- you put all your might and strength into it. That's what I was doing when using the mallet. So if instead of the mallet hitting the wood, my hand did, you can imagine the impact on my hand to be quite large. (Tell me if I'm speaking codswallop!) At the time adrenaline had probably kicked in and I hadn't felt that much pain, however now when I'm typing it 'stings'... well I can't type using my left hand for long periods. It'll soon get better but it's annoying. (I haven't told Bob otherwise he'd never let me near the thing!)

So that explains my 'day off' blogging. :D I start typing, but when I stop I can't seem to finish the posts. I'm in the process of typing a post about LaTeX but I thought I'd best write this mumbo jumbo here. I wanted to post something and that's another reason for this post! (Also I've been hunting down links for that post). Did reading that paragraph make you go 'eh' or is that just me?! An edit after some sleep is required I think!

Avoid hammers at all costs. :( Well not if you've got metal gloves or something! We had to get rid of tiles and in doing so I counted the hammer hitting my thumb six times. I bit my tongue for the first five times, but I'd had enough when it became six. I'm feeling rather 'right sided' at the moment since everything is happening to the left side of my body! Hammers= evil.

I've finally turned seven. Not today obviously but sometime in June. (BTW any more fellow June-ites or Juneys out there do let me know- I seem to know about 11 people who are and wouldn't mind knowing more. That doesn't mean if you're not that I don't want to know you-but if you are then you're added to my mental list of June birthdays). Unfortunately though, I still am in the habit of saying 'I'm six' or 'I'm 18' (to those who persist!) when asked my age. It was a great day although I was 'tortured' (pfft) by a few people since I was supposedly born at 11:30pm! The bad thing, on this occasion, of being seven is that I was made to run up and down the stairs a lot today. :( (I was 'assisting' once again). So what does it feel like to be seven? ..... *cue shrek face* It's just a number, and nope I don't feel any different. Sometimes this seven year old does feel \sout{18} 19, but that is on odd occasions indeed. :) Being seven means I have to act slightly more grown up- hmph that means no racing the lift in the mss building.... wait- I can't ever do that again anyway! *cue sad face*

You've guessed it, I'm feeling slightly more 'out of it'. Tomorrow I begin my 'work shadowing placement'. :( The sad face is because I have to be awake in about four hours! I'm slightly nervous but looking forward to it at the same time. Should be a good experience- you know being able to function with a small amount of sleep. If I remember correctly, army guys are trained by only sleeping for about four hours! 'Private Beans reporting for duty sir'. OK, seriously this might be the kick I need to get some routine into my otherwise routine less holidays!

My arms hurting now, and so I'll stop in a minute! I hope I get my results soon. *cue sad and anxious face* Drat and double drat- I can't remember what I was going to write. I have a poor memory and it just got worse (since I'm 7 now!). I guess that signals goodnight (hehe) and hopefully I'll survive to tell the tale of my 'first day at school'! (never thought I'd be saying that again). Do you think that banging ones head against the wall might bring back the forgotten thing?

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