Monday, July 09, 2007

Beans & Co. Doing the jobs you hate!

I've failed to do any of my plans. :( Well I've half LaTeXed the document and half written the post I'd hoped on posting, but that provides no comfort. So not to get egg on my face I thought I might as well post the third intended post before hitting the sack.(?)

I will wake up in five hours time to continue my work experience placement at school. After some negotiation, it has been decided that I will help Bob after home time! I'm looking forward to it, and I'm going to see how I do things differently this week.

So you're wondering about \sout{my} our new company? Well I've decided on this without actually informing the group, but we do what it says on the tin. ;) Wait let me start again! Well our 'bob the builder' group has been doing odd jobs for friends, family, friends of friends etc for a while. I've put us down for a non-profit organisation (hence why the group doesn't know!), but the terms and conditions include feeding us! (preferably pizza :D)

I've been painting for most of the day, and it was then that this idea came to me. Jobs like wallpapering, painting, plastering, small scale demolition are but a few things we do. (Don't forget wiring). If you're not sure about a certain job then just ask away. BTW you have be living withing a certain radius as well for us to travel free of cost. Unfortunately, due to us helping out for free we can't pay for travelling large distances! Basically the gang has two jobs at the moment. Bob and Wendy will be mainly doing one (well only Bob can do wiring properly at the moment), whilst Spud, myself and the others will be painting and getting rid of the wall paper at both sites. ;)

Something to put on the good old CV, 'enjoys DIYing, but don't trust beans with a hammer!' I wouldn't restrict ourselves to just doing them jobs, but if you need a handy assistant who knows the difference between a spanner and wrench, then look no further. Call us today at 0161- 235711. ;) Yes, I'm taken this too seriously, but it's just a bit of fun and it'll probably stay that way. Just something to keep me busy.

Oh, if you do need a painting job note that I hate painting the ceiling! Since this is the launch (ahem) of our new company, here's something a little wise bean told me. ;) The key to painting and doing a good job of it, it is to make sure you get less paint on yourself, since that means more has gone on the walls.

Before I go- you know someones been painting since they may have paint on their hands or clothes. You know that someones been erm... smoking because of their breath, but how do you know that a mathematician has been doing maths? (Your suggestions are welcome! You can find my take on this in the comments section tomorrow. Yes I have some proof!)


Anonymous said...

which school are u doing ur placement and how did u go about organising it

beans said...

A local school. I arranged it with the head of maths (who had to OK it with the head teacher and do other things).