Friday, July 06, 2007

Ah... the weekend!

I did an ickle freedom jive today, rest assured no one was there. ;) Today was a Friday (duh) and if you've been following my university Friday posts then you'd know what to expect of the 'oscillating' nature of my day. I think it's the 'Friday feeling'. First you fly like a bird. Then you crash and burn, and finally you rise from the ashes (like I did today-twice).

Thoughts on yesterday have been cast away. It was just me having a bad day. If I was to normally have a bad day, I'd become reserved and well slightly disjoint. My involuntary response was prevented which resulted in the brain banging against the skull! However, I think I achieved one thing yesterday. SG was probably looking to get friendly with me so I'd turn a blind eye, however yesterday I hopefully made it clear to SG that I wasn't here to make friends. I'm friendly to most of the students and enjoy chatting to them, but I'm set on learning from my previous mistake. If this was college I probably wouldn't be like this. We used to talk about all sort of random stuff in lessons (well in my case namely further maths), from Politics (with Mr H) to football (with Mr B and H) etc. I also got talking to Miss A who didn't teach me, but we met through a group in college that I was a member of. Yes, whenever I met her we always discussed maths and what it would be like at university (Manchester especially since Miss A had graduated from there). Anyway, I'm glad of yesterdays experience and the reason I feel that I wasn't a big meanie to SG is because the rest of the class seemed ok with me! (one can hope).

I saw LS walking down the corridor today and mentioned whether any help would be required for LS to go to class. :D LS is a good kid and as are most. I now feel bad about my previous rant! Yesterday you could say I was burnt out. This morning I awoke with eagerness looking forward to the day. However, unfortunately there were no maths classes today since something else was going on. Putting my disappointment to a side I helped out anyway, and it ended up being a good day. The teachers are really friendly and my previous discomfort about sitting in the staffroom has disappeared. You don't even have to talk to anyone! (But you know me- I was involved in a 'fiery' discussion about something with a few teachers). I asked one teacher how much the behaviour and attitude of school children has changed compared to five years ago (I'd have been in year 10 then). The reply I got was that the change was apparent and it was inevitable. It was to some extent what I mentioned in yesterdays post, however none of these students are bad bad. I think there are some who just need a nudge in the right direction. What always tends to happen is that we overlook the students who are OK because of the few that do stand out in the wrong ways, and make a general comment without disregarding certain students.

Motivation missing was another thing I said yesterday, and today I realised that I was stupid to not realise that all the exams were over! I don't know what the procedure is like in other countries, but should schools take the foot of the pedal in the last few weeks of school or should they continue at a constant speed? Some teachers have taken their foot of the pedal whereas others haven't and you might even say they're even accelerating. I think that's why half of the students might be a bit bored. I disagree with taking the foot of the pedal, since I feel when the stress of exams is off your shoulders, learning is more fun.

I did bump into SG today and realised another thing- you can't hold grudges with students. :o I don't think I was going to, but a new day is a new day and a clean slate. I don't think this is too hard for teachers, since they can hopefully behave like adults (more reason for me to be worried)! When SG is not in lesson it's alright, but I think the problem during lessons is that I don't allow SG to copy someone elses answers. Even 50 cent is alright outside lessons- I got a 'wassup' today to which I replied 'the ceiling' much to the confusion of the students. :D hehe, they kept on saying it wondering what on earth I was on today!

I burned out again today, upon reaching home, and once again found myself asleep on the sofa having just rested my eyes for a mere second! OK, it might have been 2.5 second... fine, it was more like 5 minutes. :o So I've rose from the ashes twice today, and it was the second time which was the cause of the ickle jive! I can't eat hot or chili food, but sometimes I accidentally eat it like today. *shudders* I'm being serious- my tongue seems to be extra sensitive and everyone thinks that I'm being funny deliberately whilst I down glasses of water. In the end I gave up and didn't finish the food. Maybe the food that I did eat got to my head. ;)

I'm looking for excuses, but I've had more than my daily amount of tea today. (I normally have three cups). That's weird, I drink tea from a mug but I say 'three cups'! I'm currently feeling restless at the moment and would love to go for a long run. Sadly now is not the time, but I need to do something. I've been going boing boing boing.... .

Now for those who sometimes wonder why I don't stop writing when I should, then let me introduce you to this article on BBC news (about Men 'no less chatty than women). So extrovert is the nicer way of describing my 'mental instability' (and why I never shut up!). I'm sure we can use some mechanics to test the stability of my my mental instability! Wait a minute... I didn't feel an allergic reaction when I wrote about mechanics- I've been CURED!! *crawls under \sout{bed} desk?* Yes, I still remember all that stuff about potential energy and conservation of energy. Strangely I began liking it towards the end when revising! The other day whilst eating dinner, the normal round of questions went round the table, 'what's energy?', 'what does potential mean?'. I sat quietly and ate my food, maybe I did have a grin on my face but the food combination was particularly amusing in my defence. (let me know if you're interested!)

So the questions were being answered until one was asked about the energy conservation equation. (It was about a particle being held at the top of a building and then let go.) This was my cue to enter. I think I remembered this bit since I'd had quite a few problems trying to draw the image in my head during lectures. Wow- it feels great to be cured and my insides are squirming for me to do fluid mechanics next year... but then... I'll have to go through this whole immunisation process again, and the rate of recovery cannot be predicted. All I know is that it takes longer than the 'pure' stuf. (I wonder, had my school physics teacher been different, I might have liked it. I can't give an unbiased opinion on how she was, but she didn't like me and probably didn't come to each class with a fresh slate. :/ The reason I like Chemistry and Biology is namely because I liked the teachers.) My university mechanics lecturers might have saved me from growing old and bitter about mechanics, surrounded by my 500 cats. ;) (Not that I mind cats- they're cool and always land on their feet.)

I think I shouldn't have linked that BBC article since now I have an excuse to never shut up. It's not my fault that I'm got my bouncy trainers on. I'm going to go and annoy some certain people in a minute(!) but before I do that I must link this other article about respect (another article form the bbc). I think rather than teaching children about 'respect' this scheme should also be tested on parents. It's important to teach children boundaries, respect and how to treat other people whilst they're young, and to encourage this throughout their lives. It's up to parents to encourage their children to do well in school and to ensure that the children are attending. It might not be important for you to understand the work, but the government should work with parents so that the children are given the best starts possible. I mention that you have to meet teachers half way. Having your parents push you to get you moving can help, however at the end of the day we're all there- half way.

This push is vital to some and maybe not for others, but parents shouldn't think that their kids education begins and ends at school. It begins at HOME. It continues through school, and the rest of their lives. I think some parents (especially someone I know!) shy away from this responsibility, and when the kids get into trouble they blame the school. Pfft. Why have children if you can't take full responsibility of their upbringing? Once again, yesterday I said that the worst thing a student could possibly have is a lenient teacher. The worst thing a child can possibly have is lenient parents. There has to be a balance. You have to teach your kids how to appreciate what they have and to teach them to grow up and be responsible for their actions. I watched American History X once upon a time and the ending was the most significant. For those who haven't watched it (it's pretty gruesome- not one I'd recommend so easily!), the boy concluded that his parents and brothers being racist was the reason why he had the same views. Sigh.Whether we might realise it or not, at some point in life we may have looked up at our parents. You want to do what your mum or dad does etc. I'm talking about the early years of your life (beginning of secondary school and primary school), since one hopes that when one is finishing school and starting college they are able to respect other people etc.

Having just had a mini-break from this post, I seem to remember blogging about this issue before. Luckily I remembered, since you probably had already noticed, and if not you can read the 'extended' version at this post.

I might not go to the school next week, since I may have double booked with helping Bob the Builder. I'm thinking of negotiating something, so it's not the end of the world just yet. (could always go the week after). Even if I don't go next week this experience has been priceless. I have seen great teachers in action and learnt a lot. I'm just kicking my ickle head to get rid of negative thoughts about me being a teacher. One problem that has to be addressed is that I talk too fast- honestly I can't help it! I do sometimes have to think and speak slowly but in them occasions I feel that it's taking an eternity for me to talk. I also talk faster when I'm bouncing. (You see I recognised the problem in college since Mr B. sometimes couldn't understand what I said (I spoke too fast), and his face used to go red whilst as he asked me repeat what I said. I just used to think, 'oops'! :o)

Sweet nostalgia. It gives me comfort, whilst a deep ache at the same time. :(): (that's my happy and sad face!) If only I could say that I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend. At least hopefully tonight will be relaxing.

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