Friday, June 01, 2007

You're a star!

I intend to have a post about my LaTeX documents (the preamble etc), but I'm just waiting for my courseworks to be returned. Anyway, here's what I have been up to today. Well it's actually supposed to be an award, but I'm not sure whether I can get it coloured yellow and it didn't want any text in the middle. :( (You can paste the following text here, and well hopefully get something!)

\begin{picture}(7.8,7.8) \drawline(0.7,0.7)(3.3,1.9)(5.4,0)(5,2.8)(7.5,4.1)(4.7,4.7)(4.2,7.4)(2.8,5)(0,5.3)(2,3.3)(0.7,0.7) \end{picture}

My previous two posts probably have sounded gloomy, but funnily enough sometimes this soon to be seven year old actually feels eighteen! It's June today- my favorite month of the year of course. This post is hopefully going to be less serious, but it may be confusing. I no longer have any exams and it actually feels 'weird' not having anything to do, truth be told. I know that I have an 'agenda' for the holidays but thats for later. It was half term this week as well, so whilst everyone else is revising, I'm sat their doing ... nothing! I mean when I did that before, I always used to have thoughts of revision in my head, but now I feel considerably lighter. I'm doing the things which I had to stop myself doing for the past few months.

The first of which was playing on that beauty. My sources (i.e. right clicking on the pict!) tell me that we bought that on April 4th (well all chipped in for its, since we've paying saving up for that for ages-since it was announced to be precise)! So for two whole months all I've played is one measly mission of Resistance Fall of Man, and another few on Call of Duty. Not very good according to my standards, but worry not- Beans is back in business! (My brother and I are pretty competitive when it comes to completing games first, but he's become stuck on RFoM, so nows my chance I suppose!)

OK, maybe that won't excite you all, but my it has my spidey senses tingling! (You can even play online!) The football season is over, and well the cricket has been boring. Should the weather remain 'positive', playing cricket is always more fun than watching it! So that's plan A for the holidays. But don't worry I won't be finishing that game in a day! The first reason being, that although the game is good, it's not got the same feel to it. I mean it's not as great as Doom 3 and I'm not fully into it yet. The other reason being, well I won't be allowed to sit in front of the PS3 for the whole day!

The other week I also had the shock of my life (thankfully I've recovered). I was sitting, typing away and suddenly this propped up:I had no idea what to do, and naturally freaked out! You see on my Dad's laptop, the same message had appeared a while ago and in the end we'd basically lost everything on his computer! All my work had gone- pictures, courseworks etc. (I used to that computer a lot). Naturally all I could think about was all the work that I had lost. I have quite a number of stuff saved on my computer and the prospect of having lost it was painful. My mum happened to be there at the time and she advised me to turn the computer off. It wouldn't turn off!! Eventually I realised that you had to hold down the on button for it to turn off, but I then didn't turn it on for a while. I was scared of that message popping up again. The depressing thing was that I had been thinking that when my exams are over, I'm going to save all my documents etc onto a cd. (This happened sometime before my last exam). As you've gathered the message didn't pop up again, but the only thing I could say to my mum was that I understood the pain that parents sometimes feel. :D Haha, she didn't find that funny, but that day I saved everything onto a DVD. Phew.

The one nasty thing about revision is that as soon as you sit down with resolve to start revising, you notice something in your cupboard maybe. So then you spend the next 30 minutes or so sorting through your desk, discovering things which you never knew existed! What I tended to do was take pictures unfortunately. You see, the scenery isn't particularly 'great', looking out of my window, but it always proved to be a beautiful distraction! I was unfortunately restricted to taking the pictures from inside, so they're not particularly great. If you're indeed interested in bird watching, you should set up camp in my back yard. Even now they're singing away. :) Cool. (There is quite a variety of them and if you want to see the pictures bigger you have to click on them!).

(Yes I was really trying my bestest to avoid revision on them days!)

I don't how many of you are familiar with Beyblade (:0) but I've realised why I erm was particularly taken in by the Gyroscope! Well ever since the lecturer brought it to the mechanics lecture, I wanted one. You see I tend to want a lot of things, but I never always bother about acquiring such things. I mean, it really depends on what the thing is, but I didn't really think I'd find one in town somewhere. Anyway, thanks to my 6.5th birthday (and Milo) I now am in possession of a beyblade ahem gyroscope. It's pretty cool if I may say so! :o I mean, I did have a beyblade but Dragoon is definitely not in the same league as gyro. (OK you might not find the whole notion of doing '3, 2, 1.. let it....' but that is one cool gadget!)
Hmmm, what does it tell you if a post is littered with pictures? I'd rather not say, but well I was just trying to guide this blog to friendly territory, before I launch the full attack. You see blogger now has the amazing feature of automatically saving what I'm writing every few minutes, so I don't have to worry about accidentally losing my posts. Something which I've unfortunately done twice.

This bean has a confession to make. Although I claim to 'dislike' English, I've only ever hated the stuff we had to do on comprehension, grammar etc. That is indeed an important skill, but even today I don't like it. The one thing about English which I grew to 'love' was creative writing, and that was the thing which gave me a respectable grade in my GCSE! As you've probably gathered from my blog, I do tend to go of on silly tangents (the arty post etc!), but I really enjoyed creative writing. What really got me into this whole idea was when in year 9 we had to write a 3/4 page story about something and I ended up writing a 20 page story! It was pretty rubbish if I may say so myself, and I've buried it deep within the ruins of my bedroom, but that was the start.

Since year 9 I persevered with this by becoming the editor of the school newsletter. Don't worry that's not a big thing, you see the school never had a newsletter, and well my English teacher wanted one and my group of friends got involved with it. I enjoyed that, as well as taking part in story writing competitions etc. I've gathered that I'm not the best writer out there (my vocabulary is lacking amongst other things), but it's something I enjoy. I think reading a lot of books has definitely influenced the way I write -especially the type of books that I read. So why am I telling you about this? Well now you know why my posts tend to be rather long at times. I do get carried away most of the times but it seems I have too much to say- mostly not sensible things. You see I'm probably, most likely,... will be writing some posts about certain topics in the near future and I think that I have to 'copy' what maths teacher has done in this post in his/her blog! Just a friendly warning... and I end with this quote:

'Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.' Mark Twain. (maybe something which I should take note of!)

(I'll leave discussion of my 'mathematical agenda' for the holidays for another post! Although I'm wondering whether anyone would recommend this book.)

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