Saturday, June 02, 2007

When sleeping on the floor.... out for spiders!
Now to further advertise my weirdness I'll let you in on another secret. My bedroom isn't particularly big. It's a nice size but full of clutter one could say, which makes it seem smaller and messier than it is. I call it an organised mess- my mum disagrees (as does the rest of the world supposedly!) You see I've kept all my primary school, secondary school and college stuff. Why, well I don't really know, I just don't want to chuck it away I suppose. Also one can always waste a good few hours having a chuckle at their previous work. (Especially some stupid things from primary school indeed!). On top of this I have my university stuff, which is not just restricted to them five folders from my first semester. (Don't they look adorable.. ahem... I mean they look pretty neat, wouldn't you agree?!) I also have the pile of books in my collection, the pile from the library collection and other random things.

Now obviously the only place where I can now put my university files etc is on the floor in my room. This is a safety hazard but it keeps people out of my room so it has it's advantages! Anyway what I do during the year is to put all the stuff from the floor on my bed for the day. Then when it's bedtime everything goes back onto the floor. Confused? This way I can safely navigate myself from my room to the door i.e. freedom! During December 06 (exam time) I managed to have quite a few many piles, and I always did the same thing- stuff on bed during day, and on floor during night. This became painful after a while, and it wasn't a very time friendly thing. To get to sleep I had to shift everything of the bed to the floor.

This is where the floor comes in. :D Don't worry I'm an expert at this, and have been doing this for quite some time now! Yes, I decided the best thing to do is to leave the stuff on the bed and sleep on the floor. This is a brilliant thing indeed since I no longer have to shift everything. Why would I sleep on the floor when I've got a bed? You'd think that when my exams were over everything would become normal, but alas that is not the case! Hence, why that spider crawling around my house has me worried. The bonus is that I always put the 'sleeping bag' away in the morning and my floor remains free. So basically my bed has become my extended desk- well the half near my desk anyway. If you're wondering whether it's uncomfortable, well one can get used to it. Obviously nothing beats a bed (I do sometimes wonder what it's like to sleep in a bed!) but I've been sleeping on the floor for six months now and I intend to continue doing so. (Much to the horror of my mum!)

The problem is that I now have another agenda for the holidays: sort my room out. :( I like my room the way it is, and I'm not particularly fond of change you see! However, my room really does need fixing. I'm thinking of getting rid of the bed completely, but I don't think that's going to happen. I've got a nice plan in my head though, and well it seems beans the builder doesn't get days off. I'll post my plans of what I want and we'll see whether that actually happens. Well one can always dream right? I'm going to miss my room. :(

Moving on. I've been pretty hulk like today, since I'd intended on buying two books second hand which have been recommended for next year but I didn't. Once again, why do maths books have to be so stinking expensive. (It was the Fraleigh and Allenby ones!) £50 is quite a lot of money for a book, and I stupidly missed out on a bargain. (£15). Sigh. I'll be on the look out for others, but I've not been a happy bunny. I shudder to think what I'd be like when it comes to buying books if I had the money! My theory is that I'm not going to get a summer job. Lot's of reasons and the main one being, that I don't this is the time in my life to work. I'll probably become more responsible if I do work, but the prospect of that sounds scary indeed. That's why until the term starts I have to be careful with my money. Luckily I don't have to worry about other costs, but I'm sure I can survive.

To take my 'anger' out I had to go shoot some Chemera in RFoM. All I needed was the shotgun and well, one can grow to like that game! (I erm.. might have played quite a bit of it today but...!)

I've also been in a mathsy mood today, but not the type of mood to do anything as such. I'd rather not say what I've been missing, but I think it's rather obvious! Begins with an L if you're still guessing. ;) I'm currently reading 'How to Solve it' by G. Polya. I'm a rather 'slow' reader I'd say, so I won't forecast how long it'll take me to complete. However there is one paragraph that I liked, which I read yesterday:

'Materials alone are not enough for constructing a house but we cannot construct a house without collecting the necessary materials.

The materials necessary for solving a mathematical problem are certain relevant items of our formerly acquired mathematical knowledge, as formerly solved problems, or formerly proved theorems.'

It's my birthday soon on x day, which I've been told is an evil day! (The number n is evil if it has an even number of 1's in its binary expansion). Well I did mention Voldemort once upon a time... My family are most definitely not getting me any maths books. Humbug. However I don't know what to 'ask' for one could say. (I'm not the easiest of people to get a present for.) I do have an idea (a digital camera) but then again I'm not sure! Maybe I'll ask for the mss building. Humbug. I'm feeling particularly restless, and can't wait for half term to end!

Agenda for the night: Shoot me some more Chemera's, ahem... continue reading that book!


steve said...

Now that you have the time you might like to watch G103. It's an amusing and surreal video about life as a maths undergraduate.

Although it was filmed at Warwick University (G103=UCAS course code for maths there), it could be any maths department and you should find it familiar and, I hope, amusing.

beans said...

ROFL! Haha, that has made my morning indeed. :D Thanks!

Especially the supervision bit when he asks whether anyone wants to have a go on the board and they all look down!! That seemed very familiar and it was the reason why I changed my named to a mathamtical symbol (guess) so I no longer had a surname! :D That guy handled it rather well- all I used to do was ...'erm', 'I don't know' 'haha'. :p

I hope they ain't that strict about handing assignments in! They're pretty good actors as well!

'Hi, are you busy?' 'Nothing that can't wait!' Maybe I should discus video games instead. :D

Yes I found it great. :o (BTW G103 is the general code for the MMath programme, whereas G100 is the code for just maths and that's the course I'm doing).

beans said...

I think it deserves it's own post!