Saturday, June 30, 2007

Test post

You can skip past this post to the next one... if you want. (two in a day wow!!) This post is going to be where I mess around with LaTeX and how it looks on this blog. I'm just going to be posting random stuff taken from anywhere! I dare not mess about with other posts since it's a pain and takes too long to repair them. Remember bloggers only use &.#.60 for &#60, and &.#.62 for &#62! Without the dots of course, but be careful if you don't want to end up in tears as to where your post has dissapeared to!

Taken from google images.

'Figure 2 shows part of the curve with equation:  y=(2x-1)\tan {2x}, \quad 0 \le x \text{ strictly less than } \frac{\pi}{4} . (-2) Lala ... the question may have been copied wrong- I had to squint!

The curve has a maximum at the point P. The x-cordinate of P is k.

a) Show that k (2) satisfies the equation: 4k + \sin (4k) -2=0 (0pt). (just continuing the line here-ignore).

The iterative formula: x_{n+1}=\frac{1}{4}(2- \sin 4x_n),\; x_0=0.3. (-1pt) is used to find an approximate value for k (-4). random words.

(b) Calculate the values of x_1,x_2,x_3 (-3) and x_4, giving your answers to four decimal places.

(c) Show that k=0.277, correct to 3 sig. figures.

I'll play around with the padding in the morning- just want to make the posts that have Latex user friendly. :) Which pt looks best at the moment? (without padding being changed?)


beans said...

Hmmm, -3 seems to be the nicest at the moment. Anyway it's bed time now- will worry about this when it's the morning. Well morning after one has slept and woken up!

*sits back and 'admires'(?) the ease at which I was able to use Latex in this post* Cheerio Steve. :D

beans said...

I've realised that I can't have a set vertical positioning for all images. The x_1,... are all 'nice' and so -3 was ok to use, but once capital letters and other formula are used it's not so simple.

You have to individually tweak them (not so bad depending on how much time you have!), but aligned with the line is neat.