Monday, June 25, 2007

The Slimy tale continues...

Due to my brain deadness I have no intentions of posting intelligent(?) stuff. :( Exam results are looming and I've been getting slightly stressed out. OK maybe not slightly, but majorly! Naturally when pondering over such cursed events one always assumes the worst. Also I seem to keep on remembering not reading the question as one-to-one but as onto. Humbug.

\\\text{However, now I can do this without too much work,}\\ \text{which makes beans very happy!}  And this too:

\displaystyle\int^1_0 \frac{x^4(1-x)^4}{1+x^4} dx = \frac{22}{7}-\pi

More will be revealed during the week. ;) But if you didn't catch the comments to the previous post, thanks to Steve I can post LaTeX stuff without too much hassle. *cue evil laugh!*

At the moment I've got my trainers on (yes at this time!) because of this thing crawling around my room.
Well actually I believe I've seen mummy and daddy spider about which is the reason for the trainers. I don't mind spiders but since I picked up a particularly hairy one when I was slightly younger I hate the idea of them crawling on my hands or feet! Hence the trainers. I still do pick them up if I have to, but ONLY with gloves on. (hehe) I hate the big ones- they're too fast and ... hairy! I'm slightly unsure of going to sleep on the floor since images of them crawling into my mouth are uncontrollable. :(

Anyway, I just happened to take that picture now which has distracted us from our slimy story. I've yet to hear your comments on the guest in my dads car yesterday- you're a boring lot ain't you. ;) (JOKE- yes I'm emphasising that!!!) However I cannot let that demotivate me and so must continue this tale with another picture. So I guess if you were 'upset' yesterday then you might have t give tomorrows post a miss as well.

If you were unsure on the truth of the picture then don't be. I took that picture whilst everyone was either screaming and running for their lives, looking for large paper, throwing up, going mental etc etc. I did get told of for being in the way, but I survived the deadly, powerful mental powers of that creature which seemed to have affected everyone-even my Dad! :D Blah- you want me to give away the story don't you. Not going to happen. I'm still interested on what you'd call that thing and how you think it got there. Don't look at me- I didn't put it there....

I need to get a life. :D :( {Not sure whether or not that's a good thing!} Good luck with your conspiracy theories.... no one. (When I'm tired and not sleeping I tend to write more rubbish- please do excuse it!) I should just shut up but.... fine night night. :)


steve said...

Missing a ^ just after (1-x) in the integral.

beans said...

Thanks, edited. :)