Friday, June 22, 2007

My Mathematical Wall.

This post has taken a while in the making, which I must confess is due to my being lazy. I really do aim to shake myself out of my holiday routine, but let's not worry about that here! First let me explain the white paper which went on the wall before the 'real paper'.

My wall was... uneven one could say. It was falling apart if I was to be dramatic! I think it probably, most likely required plastering, but I refused to let that happen. Plastering is a messy business, and from my experience I'd rather we didn't go down that route. [One could say that although I like mixing the cement etc, watching the plaster flop everywhere else is not nice!] I was being stubborn about this and so my mum finally decided to put plain wallpaper on first, and then put the yellow one on. (Yes my room is finally yellow- woohoo!). This was only on one wall BTW. I did throw up a big fuss on the day my mum got to work, since it had been my intention to write the maths 'graffiti' on the actual wall. Sadly, I only managed to write a few of the things suggested by Jake and Steve in the comments here. My mum says it's because I'm a lazy so and so and wanted to take my time doing things. I say my mums a robot! So, Jake and Steve, I salute thee. [Too much Shakespeare for me these days!]

However, that being said it was much easier writing on the white paper as opposed to the walls. Many of my markers were lost in the war against the wall, and only the best survived to take over the paper. I have yet to do propositional logic, however from Keith Devlin's book (Mathematics: A science of Patterns), I was able to 'dodgily' write the following; call it an introduction if you like:
Before I do continue, it should be noted that this post will be littered with various photos. If you can't read my writing (!), then please do consider that it was quite challenging trying to balance on the ladder and against the wall at the same time! Accidents were inevitable, but nothing too serious-I think my furniture suffered the most. I did try to make a video of the wall before it was brutally covered up, which I should hopefully be adding at the end.

Unfortunately, due to the time constraint, I was unable to think of any word other than cool. I did ponder for a second on what other word to use but that was the best I came up with. Hence, I'll leave the definition of cool to yourselves. I call my lecturers cool, so that's an example of how I meant it.

This post, I suppose, celebrates the 99% completion of my room. The 1% is that my mum is insisting that I have some sort of bed! (Honestly, the floor space I have now is unbelievable- however no bed means no where to lounge about!). That 1% should be complete in the following weeks, but at least my room is no longer a war zone. I even got this brilliant shelf for a bargain (my dad couldn't believe it) and upon constructing it, my maths books and university files have a new home. This was much easier to construct since the instructions were much much better, and no hammer was required- hurrah! The only thing that I have to complain about, is where my desk has moved to. :( This is really upsetting since previously my desk was in the opposite corner to where it is now. So whenever the sun used to rise, my desk used to glow in light (and for most of the day lounge in the sun!). You might have gathered that I prefer my desk and working space to be well lit, but now that is not the case. I do have a lamp, but I think I'll need another one. Gazing out of the window with nothing on my mind is also out of the plan, but ... sigh... I'd prefer having my desk where it used to be. (Me and 'drastic change' don't go too well together).

So back to the wall. I must say that in my conquest to mathsify my wall, I seemed to have converted others to like maths. Well for a few minutes at least. No one can resist the opportunity to draw on walls with markers!(I hope no one can!). The criteria for writing on my wall was that first you had to say that you like maths (muhahaha- erm that's not meant to sound evil!) and secondly you had to write maths. Now the teletubbies (apart from lala- who was banned from such an activity!) did whinge about having to write maths, but I was firm. I'm not going to have no stinking flowers on my wall! Now, Po, the little so and so wrote on the wall without my knowing. However, I must say that I'm proud of Po. What more could I ask, if not for Po to write down Pythagoras's Theorem on my wall. That with a 'neat' diagram as well! [BTW it's also difficult to write in a straight line on the wall.]

Next up is was nuno's turn. Now Nuno is a mathematical baby, and so could only write what I said. Why not make life easy for nuno, and so I did. It's amazing how, when bear and mini bear visited, the first thing they wanted to do was write on the wall! They couldn't write proper maths, but yes, I've been a big bad wolf and telling them about all things nice about maths. I hope their mother never finds out, but I've been encouraging them that if they like maths they can write on walls! Honestly, I'm not sure whether to be 'ashamed' of my tactics, but something had to be done since I couldn't have bear saying that maths is stupid! I have various 'toys' (i.e the gyroscope amongst other things) in my room, and well what do you think I linked that with? Whilst I was sorting my bookshelf out the other day, bear and mini bear were making a nuisance of themselves doing a jigsaw. Kids always like looking at books with pictures and one of the calculus books that I have has pictures! (hehe) So yes, they saw pictures of rockets, rainbows, the earth etc and were saying 'ooooh'. All I was saying was MATHS! (See, I didn't have an evil laugh then- it's for their benefit. ;) )

I'm also ashamed to say that I made them listen to this six second maths song. Quite catchy wouldn't you agree? Well it is for a fourish year old and a two year old! (I think that's how old they are!). Haha, it was great- all they could do was sing it. *composes self* I told you I'd knock some sense into them, and well it's definitely one nil to me at the moment. (I think bear knows the score of the game now. I mean he knows that if he says that he likes maths he's done! Humbug).

The following pictures are Noddy reminding me off my mistake in the sequences and series exam (3x3x3=9), and Steve's (series one), Jake's (groups) and an anon (the other one :p) commenter's suggestions. Some may call it maths graffiti-I call it maths art!

I think that I'd made my peace with mechanics at that time, well my peace with angular momentum anyway! I did beg and plead with the folks to let me leave my wall like that, but after shaking their heads in the 'what are we going to do with you beans' way, the yellow paper was put on. (You see half of the yellow had already been put up, and if that hadn't been the case then who knows what my wall would be like...). I got a lot of that shaking the head business, but thankfully my family think it's best that my mental treatment is done at home!

I also can't help but add the next picture! I chose some of the things by looking to see what bits I had liked during the year, and others because they looked 'nice'. The picture is a 'collage' of bits of everything. I probably spent too long doing it, but I have been having problems with the Internet. It just keeps on saying 'problem loading page' when the connection is fine! I hate having to press refresh a million times so I'm trying to be patient! (explaining a yet to happen absence.)

If you're alarmed that I'm still allowed to roam the streets, then rest assured that I think my obsessive thinking has come to a standstill at the moment. I think in June, I've done all the things which haven't been maths, and the ones that I didn't allow myself to do during the year. I mean, I've gone straight back into the video games. I'm just waiting for them to make pro evolution soccer!! My brother 'complained' that in about a month I've played so much. Truth be told I am slightly getting bored with that game now... Fixing my room up has also taken a long time, but I hope that the end of June signals the maths begins! Actually, previously I'd mentioned doing some work shadowing of a secondary school maths teacher, and on Monday I am hopefully going to sort that out. Probably will do about two weeks in July-will see how it goes. The last picture is the whole wall (minus the bits that I couldn't fit in). You'll probably have to click on it to make it larger- recognise anything you like?

I have uploaded the video to you tube, but like I said previously, making videos is one thing that I can't do. It was made on a camera phone and so it's not 'great'. Making the video was the cause of my accident, and if you watch the video, you'll notice the 'blurring' (That's also because it's been stretched). If for whatever reason you want the video, then let me know-I'll do what I did last time. I mean you could always use me as an example to your kids (if you have any!) to NOT do what I do! However, I'm not responsible for what may happen to your walls. (Will later post a link where you all the pictures will be at). My parents already think I'm a lost and sad cause/case, but I just think I'm a convincing actor. ;) Wouldn't you agree? I'm harmless...

That video doesn't have everything in it (hence the photos), but this one does although it's worse. So, having probably lost many things my room is complete and I am surrounded by maths. Don't worry, my friends don't' know about this- otherwise I'll probably be wondering what that word means! :D I liked my room the way it was, but one could grow to like the 'new look'. The best bit about my room has to be the book shelf! Anyway, before I give you any more reasons to dial 999, I'll finish with 'another' final sobering comment.

We should do whatever we do, with the thought that this may be our last thing. That way, whatever we do, we'll do it properly and 'lightly'(?). Life is indeed short, and hearing about a 19 year old passing away really does bring ones feet down to earth. I heard the song today (after a very long time indeed!), 'why we build castles in the sky?....'. Building castles is human nature, however our castles shouldn't be so grand that we forget where our feet our. I suppose this is just me reminding myself, that whatever I do I should do 'lightly'- offending the least amount of people possible, doing the best I can and trying to do good. 19 - my age(!) and here I am, planning what I'm going to do in the next five years! Yes, it's important to consider our 'future' but not so much that we forget where we're standing today. Yes, life goes on and we shouldn't stop living, but we shouldn't forget. With this thought in mind, I really would like to ask that you please forgive me for anything I have written that may have caused you offence or if I unintentionally insulted or offended you. I realise, after reading a few old posts, that I tend to post when I'm hyper at times. Not always the best thing since I write a load of mumbo jumbo. This is indeed a depressing contrast to the post, but it was needed. Thinking of 'not being here' is indeed frightening- for more than one reason. When will I change?

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