Friday, June 29, 2007

Madness - a Maths Christmas Quiz

I had actually typed a rather long post and finished it a few minutes ago. However, upon finishing it I decided not to post it. It's a bit depressing, and well it had too much history in it. (My history to be precise!) On another day I probably would have posted it, but having written it and gotten the stuff out of my system I realised that it wasn't exactly postable. (Like I said too much beans history :)).

Hopefully during the next two weeks I'll be doing work shadowing. I say hopefully because my lazy self has yet to phone and enquire about it! No topic today, but during the day I realised that I want a blackboard in my room. :D Not a massive one, but a while back I had a white board and it was cool! (Actually nuno had a small a4 blackboard and then this idea came to me! The question is where can I get one from in the size I want it!)

This bean misses university it seems. I'm tempted to use exam results as an excuse for my 'mood', but that's what it'll sound like- an excuse. I've gone mental. I can't stop checking my emails! Does it matter that they're provisional? Why can't they at least update self-service? (Yes, I've been checking that all the time as well and it always says, 'exam marks will be available after ratification of the exam boards.')

That all probably sounds disjoint, however I do apologise. The song going through my head to\sout{day}night has been 'people just ain't no good' from Shrek 2. That's the only line I know of it. :D I met someone tonight and this magneto had tried to 'scam me'. Well he'd asked me to do something and I trusted what he said to me about his own role in everything. It wasn't a 'big thing' but he'd 'disappeared' and so I had basically messed up, him acting like it was no big deal. The sad thing is that he had planned this from the start. He had planned getting me into a tight corner. Not because he had something against me, but that was all he could do to reach his 'goal'. Ah well, he'll soon learn that taking 'shortcuts' in life may seem easy and a thrill now, but one day it'll catch up to him. :) He laughs about it and doesn't understand that what he did was wrong! I had trusted him and considered him genuine and so had wanted to help him out. Yes, I'm too darn gullible (trusting?) at times, but I won't be trusting him again (well at least now I know what he's capable of. :)) That was basically a summary of the other post!

So there you have the reason for my disjointness, and so with that in mind I present you with section A of a maths Christmas quiz that we did in college. :D Is it too much for me to ask that you don't Google the answers? (How many can you answer without googling- do post your solutions :D) 'An infinite amount of money for the person who either has the funniest answers or the most correct. (haha)' I guess I can't say most correct, since the first person to comment might answer all questions! (You're an honest bunch right?)

Section A

  1. When do elephants have eight feet?
  2. What has four legs and only one foot?
  3. What has four legs and flies?
  4. How many times can you subtract 6 from 30?
  5. A woman has 5 children and half of them are male. How can this be?
  6. It happens once in a minute, twice in a week and once in a year. What is it?
  7. What goes up and never comes down? *
  8. When things go wrong, what can you always count on?
  9. Which is correct: 9 and 5 is 13, OR 9 and 5 are 13?
  10. What is a kitten after it is 7 months old?
  11. What has a neck, but no head?
  12. What kind of table has no legs?
If you're eager for the answers and that might cause you to Google, then don't worry I'll be posting the answers in the comments section soon! Have fun, and if it's any encouragement I didn't do too well. :) Enjoy. (and if anyone watches Wimbledon, Henman is once again out. :( But isn't Federer awesome to watch- he's great and you can feel when he's upping the tempo and he always plays an attacking game!)

NOTE TO BEANS: sort work shadowing out, and phone the darn opticians. :o

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beans said...

I take it that no replies means that you all got the correct answers. Hmpf!

Anyway, you can check your answers here. :D

1) When you have two elephants!
2)...clue you can find one in your room...
3)Well the best we came up with was a dead donkey. :o
5) well if half of them are male, what do the other half of them have to be for this to make sense?
6) The letter 'e'
7) Well excluding myself and all those other people whose age \in S_25, the answers age.
8) How many fingers do you have?
9) Maybe you should use a calculator to check. ;) (I got this wrong initially!
10) 8 months old?
11) We came up with a bottle, can anyone do better than that?
12) 1x2=2, 2x2=4,....

Ah well, it was fun at the time and we had some cake as well! Sorry no such thing will happen here since no one turned up to the party. :(