Thursday, June 21, 2007

'I want to be a mathematician'

I've been writing 'the post' for today, however I haven't managed to finish it. It's bed time now, and so I decided to post the link to a post that I found on my ' travels:

Well I could relate to the last three paragraphs, and the author of the blog has summarized that rather neatly. [I'll surely be saying more than two paragraphs on this as I chug through my maths journey!]

Today hasn't been the best of days, however I managed to get my hands on book number 10 (A history of mathematics, by V Katz) from 'The List'. I've been using that list as a guide recently, because rather than buying any random book I should have some direction! I'm next hoping to get number three- What is Mathematics, however I must lie low on the book buying front. I got number 10 cheap in my opinion, but not everyone would agree. My activities have been noticed by the powers that be! You see, I decided not to do the module History Of Mathematics, but it's always nice being informed. (Thanks Steve for the List, although I'm going to have to wait for some time now!) Would it seem suspicious if I was to be sent maths book on my birthday from people called, say Newton. I guess that'd be too obvious, but I will huff and I will puff and then I'll blow everyone down.

My maths library has to be.... well I don't know, 'cool'?? (It's too early to think of big words!) No one else sees that book as a bargain apart from me. :( Anyway, I think I should try to work my way through them whilst I'm not looking for more bargains! It's like induction (?), you have one then you want another one, and then another, and then another and ... . [I still need to get my hands on the Hilbert one and the .... i.e. lots more! :D]

Yes, I'll shut up now-the birds are singing! (If you've got some maths books that you want to get 'rid of' (!!) then you know who to contact! Why are you looking over there for, I'm here!!) Yes, I've been eating apples again!

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