Friday, June 15, 2007

How much have you changed?

Previously, I have mentioned that I have kept stuff from my secondary school etc. During the \sout{destruction} change in my room, some of my stuff has been scattered. Today I gathered everything up and basically organized some stuff. I happened to find a year 7 project that I'd done, and it was pretty rubbish if I may so myself. Here's my conclusion for my project/report:


I think that I deserve a lot of marks because on 1-2-00 at 1.00am I woke up and did my project. I have now finished it and understood it very well. So this day on I'll remember to use the time I've got to do something and never leave till the last minute. Finally hope you enjoyed it.

Yes, you can a have a good laugh at that! :o I'm actually still laughing, but I remember that day pretty well. It was 1am indeed and after supper all I had been doing was working on that project. I remember being sat at my desk, and quickly turning the lamp of when I heard someone outside! Anyway, this is what the teacher wrote:

Beans, how much time and how long you stayed up till really does not interest me. What I am interested in is the result of the project and in my eyes the project is fine but the presentation could have been much better.

(If I remember and can be bothered later, after the camera battery has charged, I'll add the picture! My eleven year old writing is something else to laugh at :D)

Yes, I'm still laughing. My teacher had a fair point. I was 11 then, and a messy eleven year old at that. It was the tippex being everywhere which made it messy. Them days computers were for games (didn't know much about word) and well we were only allowed on them for a certain amount of time (not 1am!). The printer had been downstairs and since I only had a limited amount of A4 plain paper, I had to use the tippex. I can't believe I remember it all! My wall was painted 'carrot cake' then.

So my point is that I don't think I've changed much and I might have possibly lied in my conclusion. Or I might not have actually learnt a lesson! How different would things have been now, had I done as my 11 year old self had claimed? Pretty different indeed but then I wouldn't be me! So does that mean, when someone says to me, 'Beans you've changed.' they're speaking a load of codswallop? Most likely! OK, my ideals, thoughts of things and ambitions in life may change, but I think after your secondary socialisation you're not going to change much. In my defence, I only ever tended to do courseworks last minute because I needed to feel that pressure. The only coursework that I didn't do last minute was my Biology GCSE one and the English ones! Well I left them till late, but I had them under control. BTW I'm not encouraging leaving things till last minute. Do your work ongoing and courseworks as well. Trust me it helps and I know this from my university courseworks.

As long as you've got stuff on paper, and have the answers etc then leaving the typing till last minute is ok. I mean under that pressure I always managed to do my courseworks (well apart from the maths one, which I got detention for handing it in late) but it's better being relaxed about them. That being said, I'm probably going to see many more nights where I'm up at 1am doing homework, courseworks, reports etc. The one thing I don't do at that time is revision, since I have other plans for revision. Muhahaha. Ahem well 3am/4am is a nice time to wake up and revise right?

I've also managed to dig out the personal statement I had to write when I had to apply to college. I won't add it all, but I believe there is a significant difference between me at 11 and me at 15! [I don't want to bore you with all of it!] Excuse the 'lame' sense of humour. My plan is to blame my genes i.e. my dad for that. :D

'A personal statement is something that you write about yourself; however I always find it hard to talk about myself. Call it modesty, but I'd call it being unable to express myself using words, or basically not knowing what to write!!

To cut a long story short, it is my last year at this school. This school was once a large building where I knew nothing and no one. That was five years ago.

However now I am able to walk into my school as I would walk into my home. [I loved my school :D]. It has become my second home, a place where I feel safe and trust. A place filled with joy and happiness- though not every time!!! However as I have placed my trust in the school, the school i.e. the pupils and the staff have placed their trust in me. ... blah blah blah I was a prefect blah blah, this responsibility, placed on my shoulders, has brought me maturity and has unearthed a deep understanding of other responsibilities that I have and other goals which I need to achieve. It may sound complicated, but I told you I wasn't good with words!!!

There have been other aspects of my school that have shaped me into an individual, ranging from debates in English and humanities to my participation in competitive events held annually at school. Events such as public speaking, improvised speech, monologue etc have taught me a valuable lesson- that winning is taking part.

I have been quoted as an 'exuberant' child, however I believe that a good breakfast will make everyone feel exuberant!! If I am motivated to do a certain thing then I will put 100% into it, for it is not everyday that you're motivated. People call me ungrateful when I receive exam results and am found unhappy, however this is only because I feel that I can achieve better and what I got was not enough. The word Maths brings a smile to my face, the reason being that maths is a subject which I am very fond of. The one basic essential of Maths is problem solving and that is one thing that I enjoy doing. I will never give up- not in Maths and not in anything else. The simple logic of Maths is like music to my ears, and upon finishing my work experience I had decided that I wanted to pursue a career in teaching.

For my work experience I went to two placements, the first week in an office and the second week in Class 4 of a primary school. Blah blah blah During my second week an unknown passion for teaching arose within me. Mad mad mad. That was all I heard- why be a teacher? However teaching was a challenge and I love challenges for I am an extremely competitive person and as the the week progressed I wanted to be the teacher not the teacher's assistant. I wanted to take the register every morning - not watch it being done. With this want became my ambition to become a teacher. Maths teacher in particular. blah blah blah

I won't say which football team I support for it may arise some conflict however I believe that we shouldn't have sold David Beckham! I enjoy playing football and video games and always enjoy eating food. Another recent passion that I recently discovered is creative writing i.e. writing short fiction stories.

blah blah blah

Phew I'm nearly finished; I see the end of this page! So I would like to conclude by saying that my school has as well as nurturing me has provided me with a solid foundation of my life- there is no knowledge that is not power.
Now I can rest my hands.'

Wow- it's pretty bizarre how much I've not changed (or do you disagree?)! I know that was about three years ago, and my English was rather poor, but even then I was called mad for wanting to be a teacher! I am slightly embarrassed at 'maths being music to my ears' (give me a bucket someone!) but that's who I was then and well, that's who I am now. I hope my English has improved since then, and I'd say that I may have 'matured' slightly since then- well by 0.5% that is! I think it's a good job that I only applied to my local college, since I'd imagine other peoples reactions to that to be quite different. Yes, I'm still slightly embarrassed. :o But you know, it's 'cool' looking over stuff that I've done before. So would you have accepted me in your college with that statement? [that's not an invitation to say no- call it a rhetorical question. :D]

So to answer the question in the title about myself, I have changed (grown taller!) but not extremely. Like I said, you probably don't change much after your secondary socialistation, but I hope that if I am to change I change for the better. :)

BTW, the point about short stories. I found all the ones I'd written (don't ask!) and La La just asked, 'How can someone who likes maths, like writing stories?'. I said the word mutually exclusive amongst others, but the look on La La's face told me that I best not rise to the challenge! (Mu...!!)

Someone also tried joining my forum today and I deleted their account. Muhahaha. Damn got to stop with them evil laughs! I've not forgotten about the forum, but my priority is my room at the moment. Mister.levitra is clearly not a Manchester student (didn't have Manchester address)- so I can delete user names without having to accept them, cool.

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