Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Graffiti I - The Pancake Function

Drum roll please. The first artwork, as suggested by Steve, has made it's appearance on my wall!I have realised that I need better markers, but don't worry I intend on interrogating my little sister as to where she put the packet! My family are indeed amused by this, and thankfully my dad has yet to see it! I can't wait to see the reaction on his face. I have been adding other things, but it's slow work at the moment. Any other ideas? Come on- you'll get your own post with a picture of what you want! (Why you'd want that I don't know, but all I can think of is that it might look good in your CV....!)

It seems that I'm not quite the motivational speaker that I'd hoped to be. Anyway, please do comment on what you'd like, since time is running out! I want my wall to have some 'mathematical sophistication' rather than first year undergrad naivety! My plan of being tired at this time has not worked- as my next post will demonstrate. Probably at 3am again! Damn.


beans said...

Oblivious to my plans, my mum has gone ahead with the wall papering! She also has notified me that she has admitted me into the mental hospital, for she is concerned for my mental health. I'm most displeased, and I think my anger can be forgiven in this instance. (I can't believe she didn't wait for me to get back and finish it!)

Last night indeed I had written up half of the stuff on the wall as suggested by Steve and Jake. But that is no more. You see that wall is pretty messed up so white wall paper has gone it, which will later get more paper put on it. :/

I managed to get a picture of the half not complete, but the two possibilities I have now are either to move onto the next wall and give that wall 'my all' or (inclusive) write on the white paper.

Writing on the white paper would make life easier, since then the pens won't die every other second!

Hmmm, should I start packing my bags? My mums not the only one who's worried about why I want to do this to my wall. :D (I hope you guys are more understanding, and are also not considering phoning the men in white coats!)


Anonymous said...

Too late ... I'd have gone for:

d/dx[ x*x ]=d/dx[ x+x+x+... (x times) ]
= d/dx[x]+d/dx[x]+d/dx[x] ... (x times)
= 1 + 1 + 1 + ... (x times)
= x

beans said...

Nope you're not too late. It's only one wall which has been covered! I think the white paper might actually be much better since I can use normal pens! (It's not the same as the wall but still...!)

Thanks, that's pretty neat! (it is x times x right? :o )

beans said...

Last chance everyone! It's looking a treat, but if there's anything you'd like then please let me know in the next 10 minutes!!!

beans said...

Actually wait- I have one wall remaining which should be done tomorrow, so you have more than 10 minutes!