Sunday, June 03, 2007


EDIT: More maths videos can be found at Mathematics Weblog.

G103- you can find more information on the video as well as other things on that site.

' A (surreal) day in the life of an undergraduate on the 4-year MMath degree at the University of Warwick.'

Thanks to Steve for pointing this out to me, but I must say it has made my morning. I didn't really wake up a few hours ago..really, but what can I say- the suns smiling and so am I. :D (I'd rather leave my thoughts on it here!)

For the blackboard postgrads- I was wondering what would they have done if it'd been raining?! (Had to post this before going out- hence the disjointness!)


Jake said...

Wow that was interesting. The qualifier 'surreal' was definately neccesary too; all that was missing was Salvidor Dali dressed as a priest, a couple of donkeys in pianos and the opening bars of Wagner's Tristain and Isolde ;)

beans said...

Lol, it's brilliant, and I can't seem to 'not watch' it when I visit this page. :D

(The supervisor scene and the 'dance' have to get a mention!) The way it has been made is also pretty darn good (the binoculars scene). And I think I'm wanting one of them kill bill type of swords. Imagine walking around campus with one of them! If I'm stopped I'll say 'Gl03' and then run for my life!